Monday, January 05, 2009

Kathryn Ivy has a great idea for a DIY journal. Hers is focused on knitting but can be used for crochet also. She has several pdf files that you can download for the pages in the journal - which is a way to track your projects and plan ahead for them. I think it will work for tatting also with some alteration to the individual pages. Pages for threads, for beads, for planned projects, for projects in progress, for completed projects with notes about changes, pages for shuttles.

Can you tell I'm looking for ways to get more organized????

I was watching a video about a "pretty purse" that is featured in the Dec/Jan issue of Quilting Arts Magazine and was attracted to these rhinestone zippers! Whether you make these "pretty purses" or some other kind of bag, you can always embellish it with tatting and these sparkly zippers would certainly add some extra bling. They're a little pricey ranging from $6.95 to $23 each, depending on the size and type of the crystal (the more expensive ones are Swarovski) and type of zipper, but tatting already makes it pretty special, don't you think? I'm thinking the white rhinestone zipper on a tatted white bridal bag would be a definite heirloom. Look at the "riri" zippers too while you are there. (disclaimer - I have no knowledge of their ability to fulfill orders - it just looks like something fun)

It's been a very productive evening. I finished the bag which now measures about 7" x 5". I haven't lined it yet but its only purpose at the moment is to be a sample of crochet. It will probably end up as a gift bag and I'll line it then. Or not. It will hold a large scented soap very nicely.

I also tatted tonight. One item was done and just needed blocking. I won't be showing it, however, until I have its partner in crime to contrast it with. I told myself I would go to bed early, at 10:00 p.m. 10:00 p.m. I decided to tat one more thing, which was done and blocking at 11:00 p.m. Can't show that either as it is going to Trina. Trina's package should be ready to go in a few days. I just have one more thing to finish up.


  1. Oh, I love those pretty zippers. I have a few sweaters with those kind of zippers in them! They are, to get back into fitting into the sweaters...THAT's a DIY project right there! LOL!

    I have a tatting journal. I've decided to start one to keep all my designs/ideas about tatting all in one place.

    Your little pink bag is pretty.

  2. The journal idea is interesting, and I've though about it a lot, but somehow I know deep down inside that I'd never fill it out! Thank goodness I only received one baby book... I think I managed to make the first entry only!

    I've never heard of a rhinestone zipper! Very interesting!

    I love your little bag... I have one of yours from Lace Days two years ago! Lucky me!


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