Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Every so often someone emails me and asks a question or comments on a link I've posted or ....shows me something they were inspired to do from my blog! Such is the case with Chris from France. She found my post about vintage patterns using ric rac braid with tatting.

You can see her motif here!

See what she has done with a pattern from the Beeton Book of Needlework? She simply added picots to the original design. Makes it look very sweet, doesn't it?

BTW, you can get the pattern for the Rose Ric Rac Motif by going to my Esnips account (link is in the upper right of my blog) and then clicking on the 5 Rose Motif link for the pattern. The number "5" meant it was the 5th pattern in that series. The others are there also.

I have a free webpage to put my patterns on but haven't had the time to do anything with it yet.

I haven't gotten any further with the bag from Sharon's book. It is still laying on the arm of the chair where I left it Monday night. Tomorrow I am off and will be working on my lesson plan for September in Canada. Right now I'll bet there are a bunch of people getting geared up for the Palmetto Tat Day. I think there is still time to register! You really should go to South Carolina or Cambridge Ontario this year! Doesn't matter which one - or better yet, go to BOTH!


  1. Isn't it rewarding when someone let's you know that you've inspired them? Thanks for the link to her blog/site! It's very nice!
    I look forward to visiting your website for your patterns when you get it up and going. I've yet to learn to do stuff with my patterns before I get a site up and going. I do have a domain, though, LOL!

  2. Hi Gina! Thanks! I have downloaded that pattern because I think it will be wonderful with CLUNIES! Ric rac belongs to a language known as "sewing", with which I have NO affinity! But, Clunies.... Oh boy!
    Fox : ))

  3. Yeah, I'm wanting to try it with the crocheted braid, someday...when time opens up. I so love Elyse's clunies but can't get around to working with clunies again. I taught them once locally and did all kinds of research at the time and even enjoyed them but it takes some dedicated focus to do them and I don't have much of that available right now! Will look forward to seeing yours though!


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