Thursday, August 06, 2009

These are the last three motifs before I start on hearts in Sharon's book, Transitions in Tatting. People keep asking what book it is and I've provided the link before but for some reason, the blog search engine isn't finding it. It's available on Sharon's website.

I mostly use whatever thread is close to me or still on my shuttles. This one is a Flora thread, size 20. The varigated appealed to me when I bought it but I haven't found much I liked with it tatted up so I'm using it for samples quite a bit. The problem here is that I feel like I did something wrong, but I can't find it. Maybe the light/dark of the shading makes it look unbalanced. I don't know.

This one is pretty, a more pointed motif with 8 points but since snowflakes generally have 6 points, I'm hesitant to call it a snowflake.

This is another one that I didn't find the oopsie until I scanned it. There is a chain that should go right about where the oops is at. I really like this design though.

Believe it or not, I also knitted up these leaves last night! This is actually for a lace guild project I have in mind. I wanted to have a sample to take Saturday. The pattern is on Ravelry at: You need to be a member of Ravelry to access it but it is free. I found the pattern last year and thought it would be useful as a project for my lace guild. The original is done in yarn but I used thread. The yellow is size 10 normal crochet cotton. (Yeah, the label is gone!) The red is Flora, size 20. I'm thinking this will be a good intro to lace knitting. Very simple pattern although using size 0 needles with more rounded than pointy tips was a bit awkward. I can't find my smaller needles yet. I still have boxes and boxes blocking many things in my living room.

Tuesday night I came home to a power outage. We had a huge storm earlier that day and part of a tree fell on the power line by my lane and snapped it. The electric company showed up within the hour of my call and had it fixed. Fortunately the line was on both sides of the lane, not IN the lane. Good thing because I didn't really know what that green thing hanging from a tree branch was until I was right next to it. LOL!



  1. Love the wee motifs especially the blue one (with the missing chain!!!). Now, about the weather. Would you guys over the pond PLEASE get it sorted before I get there. I'm a golden brown at the moment - caused by rust!!!!

  2. I love the motifs, and the leaves are wonderful. I guess I need to check out Ravelry!

  3. Hi!
    Those are pretty motifs. I just got back from vacation, but apparently my brain is still on break. I kept staring at the blue motif looking for the mistake, even looked at your oops and thought, "where is it?" Maybe by the time I get the laundry caught up, my gray cells will have arrived!

    I really like the leaves. I don't knit, but they make me want to. Is there a bigger project that they are a part of?


  4. The motifs are just great! The threads you used are pretty - especially Summer Trail.

    The knitted leaves are very well done. I work around knitters all the time and though I have long traded in my needles, I can appreciate good knitting when I see it! : )


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