Saturday, August 08, 2009

This is the first heart pattern in Sharon's book, a "simple heart". It's tatted in Marilee's Summer Trail, size 20. There are two more hearts and you'll notice when I post that it's getting more and more involved. It will take longer than one evening to tat them!

Lafayette Lacers met this morning - only five of us. Life gets pretty busy as summer closes in and school is on the horizon. Chris showed us how to make a paper bobbin. There sure are a lot of strips of paper to roll! I have the materials to make a second one to match this one.

Sally showed us how to make the dowel rod bobbins, which you can find on Mark Myers' site. The link is in the sidebar. I haven't decided if I will try to spangle these so I left the little nubbin on for the time being. I could have glued the bead at the bottom but I wasn't sure.

I also showed the pillow I'm still in the process of making. I included a travel pillow base, also incomplete, and found some ethafoam last night, that will make a square pillow, so as soon as I have TIME and SPACE and ENERGY to complete them, I'll post them here.

I'm just relaxing and catching up on "home" stuff today. Tomorrow I will tackle the basement and hopefully, my son will be moved down there by next weekend.


  1. The handmade bobbins are neat! I really like the rolled paper one.

  2. The heart is beautiful! A paper bobbin? How cool is that?! I love your dowel rod bobbins. I tried making some, but I bought the wrong size dowel. I guess I'll have to try again.

  3. Your heart is very pretty. And I love the bobbin, who would have thought someone could make bobbins out of paper. Cute.

  4. That heart is absolutely LOVELY! It is a really pretty pattern and the thread has so many of my favorite colors!

    I like both types of bobbins you made, but the paper one is especially nice. You did a very neat job with all those strips of paper! What kind of adhesive do you use? It seems like sticky fingers could be a problem.


  5. We used a glue stick for the paper bobbin. We also had a wet washcloth nearby to keep wiping our hands on. Then once the glue dried, we aprayed them with clear acrylic.

    Used regular white glue on the dowels. You have to watch on those, not all 1/8" dowels are exactly that measurement and not all pony beads fit it either.

  6. The heart is pretty especially in the summer trail. The paper bobbin is really neat but isn't it too light? (Just curious, I'm a very basic bobbin lacer)


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