Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Tatting Tea Tuesday!

Yesterday I found a reference to Tea Eggs from Tipnut.com and I thought it would be a great focal point for Tatting Tea Tuesday! A tea egg, also known as a marbled egg, is a typical Chinese savory snack commonly sold by street vendors or in night markets in most Chinese communities.

I ended up making my own last night, using a conglomeration of the many recipes available. I had most of the ingredients already except for star anise. I ended up buying some extract, but I could have gotten by without it. Next time I will use chai tea and Chinese 5 spice, leaving out the anise altogether. I also learned (too late this time) that I could freeze the sauce they simmered in for another time.

Here are some online recipes. I found a few videos too, but they were more annoying than helpful so I chose not to blog them.


The doily I used in the photos (thanks to Fox for helping me find out how to collage photos!) is one I rescued from somewhere. I soaked and soaked it to get the rust stains out but there are still a few there.

I have managed to tat a bit but they're all on the blocking board at home. I have a few more motifs from Sharon's book plus I finished the lace and edging for a hanky bonnet that I mentioned earlier. I still haven't made the bonnet but I'm getting there!

I got some of Marilee's Summer Trail that I'm itching to try out. Last night I tatted the first part of my homework for the design class but ran out of time before I could do the second half.

I meet with my sister & cousins tonight for dinner and fun so it will be later than usual when I get home. I also have to prepare for my part of the program in lace guild on Saturday. Not only the project for this meeting but I wanted a sample to show for the next meeting's program. Arrggghhhh! I NEED CHOCOLATE!!!!!


  1. The tea eggs are a marble-ous tie in for TTT, ha ha! (not a very good pun, I admit...) Bet they taste scrumptious. Thanks for the links. Can't wait to make a batch.

    Ooh, you get to play with that To Die For colorway, Summer Trail? I'm so envious! I haven't ordered any yet, tho' I'm dying to. Now I must go to the Design Tat homework page to see what you tatted with it. Fun, fun, fun!

  2. Those eggs are so cool. You did a great job marbling.

    You picture collage is great. I am going to learn how to do that. By the way, what is the name of Sharon's book that you are tatting from. Some how I missed the title.

  3. Thanks for letting me know. I will have to get it.

  4. The eggs are so pretty, Gina! I'd seen similar things before but never heard of this version so I learned (another, lol) something new. Are the eggs really edible after all that boiling?

    Hugs, Chris UK.

  5. Yes, they sure look pretty, so how did they taste? I need chocolate too! LOL


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