Friday, July 31, 2009

Here are the latest motifs from Sharon's book. I have one more on the blocking board. I couldn't believe that I didn't catch that oopsie! until I scanned it! I made a similar mistake on the one blocking but I did see it 2 rings later. I was too tired to un-tat it and it's just a sample so I left it....then cut the picot and joined in the right place with needle and thread so it would look right in the scan.

I've been really tired this week...maybe because I've been really busy. I bought a new scanner tonight. Actually a scanner/printer all in one. I checked Consumer Report first and noticed the top three recommended were all Canon brand and the one considered the best buy for the money was also Canon. The places I checked did not have the exact model number of that one but it was one up so I'm pretty sure it is an upgraded version from the time CR made up the study. Right now my printer and scanner are separate and ready to bite the dust. The scanner is really old and the printer was a real cheepie. I've been planning to do this for awhile. I haven't hooked it up though. I have a wireless modem coming and I hope it shows up tomorrow so I can just unplug and replug everything at once. My son will be able to use his wireless laptop with this too. He has been having trouble finding existing printers of friends that are compatible with Vista but this one is. I also got it on SALE!!!!

I noticed TVs are on sale too...but I still have some house things to take care of first. My septic tank was last week. The electric company came out and replaced a breaker this week (FREE) after my water heater kept popping the circuit. It's fairly new and they came out last year and changed out both elements and said then that if it continued, it was probably the breaker. That's something else I would like to upgrade soon. My house was built in the 50's - not really anticipating today's electronic age. When I bought it in '77, I added some wiring in 2 bedrooms as there was only ONE outlet in each room! Also put in overhead lights....but it needs a major overhaul, IMO.

This weekend I plan to get lots done in the basement. My son is tired of sleeping in the little room, crowded with his stuff and I'm tired of the living room piled high with boxes. When he sits on the sofa and I sit in my chair tatting, we can both see the TV but our conversations are faceless. LOL!

Sunday we have our annual family summer birthday get together so I have to find something to make for it too! I wanted to make some gifts, but I just do not have the time or energy right now.


  1. Love the little motifs - especially the last beaded one. Very cute! Hope you feel more energetic soon! Have a great weekend! : ) Fox

  2. Have fun on Sunday with your family get together!!!! I have the fun of hosting my family dooo.... but it is not until the 22nd. I'm still thinking about making little gifts for it too but not sure what to make?!?!
    Have a great day.

  3. Ha ha! Isn't it funny how are mistakes stick out like a sore thumb to ourselves! Honestly, I never would've noticed the "oopsy" had you not pointed it out, LOL!

    Have fun tidying up!

  4. TC - I didn't even see it when I blocked it!
    Fox - I've had those beads strung on that thread for ages. Seemed like a good time to use them.
    TY - I wouldn't bother with gifts if you are hosting the gathering. That's a gift in itself!

  5. Those colors are yummy.
    I have just realized I have missed you in all these silly changes that happen to blogging readers and other memory devices.....


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