Monday, July 20, 2009

I had a productive and busy weekend! Having Friday off gave me that extra time I need to recover my energy. I need a four day work-week! Normally, by the time the weekend comes, I need most of Saturday just to catch up on my sleep, errands, and whatever committments I've already made. Sometimes the whole day is already taken with something social which only leaves me Sunday to mow, do laundry. clean...and play. It's generally mid afternoon before I can start any kind of project and I avoid big projects because I know I won't get back to them until the next weekend and sometimes many weeks later. Any time I can do most of my catching up on Friday is a bonus.

I didn't really do much - went to some garage sales in the afternoon mostly to find some wool or fleece for the bobbin lace pillow I was determined to make at the weekend. I did find a nice fleece blanket, black, which I then didn't want to cut up. LOL!
I also got a metal stand for 75¢ and a shirt and some magazines. I started painting the metal stand yesterday. It will make a holder for blankets and throws I tend to keep on the sofa and chairs in the living room. It looks a lot like this except there are more bars across the top and there is a wire shelf at the bottom. It won't hold anything too heavy but it's great for the throws I have. It was white and had some spots - hence the 75¢ price, but my first coat of rust-buster black is makin' it look pretty darned good.

(FROM THIS) I got my bobbinlace pillow pretty much done. I had purchased two wool suits at a second hand store as the cheapest source of 100% wool that I could find. Turns out only the skirts had fabric wide enough to use. I pieced a few strips togther but it still made a very shallow layer. Then I remembered a bag of wool someone gave me for pincushions! I will never make that many pincushions so I used it. I still have wool left over too.

(TO THIS!) All I have left to do is make a final cover for it. There are several kinds of instructions on the web now - more than when I looked just a few months ago. If I can find some ethafoam, I'll use it for the second bulletin board disk I have. Some of this is in preparation for a program for my lace group. It's about making your own lace tools. Two of the members will be guiding us through making paper bobbins and dowel rod bobbins.

When I went to JoAnn Fabrics to find a good sturdy cloth to cover my pillow with....they had buttons on clearance. 25¢ and 50¢ each for selected buttons. And I also found some beads in the back row on clearance, for the same prices. Ooooohhhhh sweet mama! I LUV it when that happens!

Saturday night I went to the baptism of the baby of some friends. I didn't go to the dinner after, but it was so nice to be around them and share this special moment. They are such a happy family!

Sunday morning I was primed. Wide awake and full of energy! My goal was to get through all my boxes of Christmas storage. I need that corner of the basement for other storage and I knew I was ready to part with a lot of holiday decorations. In less than two hours, I had emptied 7 boxes. There were 4 boxes packed to go to charity, an overflowing wastebasket, and what I wanted to keep was in many fewer containers, mostly plastic to protect from water seepage. Actually I emptied more than 7 boxes but there were 7 empty boxes when I was done - maybe more. The 4 packed for charity had been emptied and refilled (and dropped off today!) so that actually means there are 11 fewer boxes!!!! I've also got a big walnut blanket chest emptied - just need to vacuum and wipe down - which is going to my neice. As soon as I get back from farm inspections later this week, I'll list my big chest freezer and that will open up a big space too. I want to get a little freezer. The refrigerator freezer is not quite big enough but I don't need this big one anymore either. I LUV it when space opens up!

Last night I tatted 2 more insertions from Sharon's book, but this is only the first one. It was just called "insertion". I only make small samples and used the yarn needle threader for sizing. The next one is a clover leaf insertion but I'm not finished with it yet. Next post......

Saturday I also went through a few non-holiday storage bins from the basement. There is another box in the living room for charity now but I need to document it. These are mostly craft things I'm going through now. Harder to part with. LOL! In fact, the next post will be a give-away but I want to wait until I'm back in town before I offer it so be sure to check back in a few days. In the meantime, you have this hint....


  1. That is a very pretty insertion! Nifty spool folk! The guy on the right sort of looks like he has a tiny little pompadour...

    I agree with you - reclaiming space is always fun (except at the expense of crafting supplies), especially if you put a square foot value on it - it feels like a windfall then.

  2. It sounds like we have similar schedules! I really need to choose one area and de-clutter... it's good for the soul! I love the insertion... perfect bookmark!

  3. Pretty stuff, Gina! Looks like you had a very productive weekend.

    Now about those bobbins.....I was going to start out with either the dowels or the paper kind, but when I got to look for said items, I could not find exactly what I wanted. As I was wandering about in the crafty section of Walmart I spotted a bag of lollipop sticks in the Wilton stuff. They're a perfect size - and they're just the right diameter for plastic pony beads. Stick a few of those on the ends and you've got a bobbin. I used two at the top, another one about an inch down, and a couple on the end. The two at the top could then be used like a doubleheaded bobbin for holding your slipknot. Just a cheapo thought....I still have mine and plan to use them with wire in the future.

  4. Hi Gina,

    You seem to be on a similar ‘track’ as I am – packing boxes, ‘decluttering’ and finding SPACE, which is like finding gold! Over 45 years we have accumulated so much STUFF (my many hobbies didn’t help!), and we also are dealing with furniture and memorabilia from our parents as well.

    Aileen stated in her blog that the toughest things to discard of are those which have sentimentality but have no useful purpose. We have no children to ‘pawn’ things off on, and cousins surely won’t want my 14x11 ‘paint-by-numbers’ oil painting from 1955! LOL I’m now in the process of completely ‘revamping’ my craft room. (sigh)

    You’re certainly a busy lady with many talents! I sure don’t have your energy level! It’s difficult keeping up with your blog and all your activities. Your posts are always amazing and informative and I’m still catching up on recent ones. I enjoy checking on other crafters’ blogs that you list.

    Thanks for the cute note about our GTO – yes, we’re lucky we still have it! Almost traded it in back in 1973 during the gas crisis! Fortunately, we didn’t (whew!)

    That’s a very attractive tatted insertion sitting by the threader. I don’t think you mentioned the size/type of thread. I know how small those threaders are! It is similar to one that I use to thread tatting ends onto a very fine tapestry needle with a long eye. I’ll be posting about these flat metal threaders in a future post.

    Hope you get some moments to just sit back and relax!

  5. Hey, I have that very same round cork board. I use it for blocking...of course LOL!
    Since I am unpacking, I too am trying to scale down. It's so hot that I want to get rid of EVERYTHING!

  6. Good work - I mean the gleaning of space! Careful though; when you open up space, you have to be careful about what falls in to claim it; something always does, unless you are vigilant!

    The insertion is sweet.... : ) Fox

  7. Hi Gina,
    You have made a great job on your lace pillow....I have made quite a few especially when I was teaching bobbin lace .....but I made them from styrofoam it is quite strong and wears well...mostly now I use a nine block unpining and moving lace up... one just moves the blocks as needed


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