Sunday, July 26, 2009


Okay, there I was, going through box after box, watching Simon & Simon, 2nd season, on DVD and the last episode on the DVD ended. I felt a need to take a break and check email. When I got to the computer, I checked the time.....5:54 PM! Whew - just in the nick of time! I checked for any last comments, published and then checked the resulting total which is 17 comments. Then I went to the Random Number Generator and set my parameters for 1 - 17 and clicked it five times.

Five times? Yep......I had three more kits that I'd been holding onto - trying to decide if I will ever make them. I decided today that I would not. So...there are three more lucky winners!

The FIRST winner is #14, Celtic Dream Weaver - Sherry Townsend
Second winner is #1, Wickedtats
Those 2 get a decorated spool doll and a Penny Pony kit each.

Third winner is #12, Art by Joy Mac
Fourth winner is #6, Christine
Fifth winner is #3, Lady Shuttlemaker
The last three will get one of these kits, which I'll choose randomly. Thanks to everyone for playing! (Wickedtats & Christine, please email me with your mailing address. I cannot access your profile to get any contact info. My email link is right by my photo on the blog.)

Here's the last insertion from Sharon's book, Transitions in Tatting, From Flat to Floral. This has a row of center motifs with edgings attached on each side. I'm just doing samples as I move through the book so this is as far as I went. I tatted around the end instead of starting a fresh edge but in the book, Sharon did not do that. I just didn't want to cut and tie and then rejoin my threads together.

Now we're into motifs. The simple 4 ring motif on the left is also the one that I used in the center of the insertion above except I went from motif to motif with split rings. The stitch count is the same in each segment between picots. In the second motif, the stitch count is different in each segment, decorative picots are used and there are six petals. Sharon has a small coaster in the book with a center motif of the six sided one, called a daisy, in one color and then surrounded by the same daisy motif in another color. It wasn't diagrammed or anything, just a photo to show what you could do with the motif, so I chose not to make it. The next segment in the book features several things made from single motifs and multiple motifs. Earrings are next, in fact, and there are beads in the photo, but not in the directions. This book is more about design concepts, or transitions, rather than technique, which will likely work out nicely since I signed up for the next design class Sharon is hosting.

We had tatting guild in Greenfield yesterday morning. Kaye tested her beaver pattern on us that she is teaching in Canada in September, along with some paisleys. You can get registration details here. I'll also be teaching 2 classes, Bead Journey & Bringing Vintage into the Present. Lots of other exciting classes too, so come to Cambridge Ontario and join us! You should also view the class descriptions. Looks like there are some cool places to go to that aren't too far away!

I tatted the beaver much better in class than at home! For one thing, I didn't have the hex beads for the teeth, only rice beads. LOL! I don't think I got my picots long enough for the tail part either. Lots of fun techniques in this class - onion rings, pearl tatting, measured picots, beads, and woven picots.

Since it's at the end of the month and I'm only paid once a month (almost payday!) I didn't have the money for Kaye's newest book but here is a quick clip on it. Kaye was asked to tat centers for a special quilt and these are the patterns, an excellent book for the beginner. You can order the book ($15.00) from


  1. Congratulations to all the winners! Simon & Simon... I LOVED that show! Ooh! Kaye has a new book! I'll have to check it out!

  2. My hearty congrats to all 5 winners!

    It's wonderful seeing that new tatting books are coming out all the time!

  3. The beaver is adorable, and a while back you showed a bear that was just great. Try to talk Kaye into publishing a book of animals, too.

    The Fringe Element classes sound great too.

  4. Boo hooo. Now I'll never meet a Penny Pony!!!!!!!!!!!! How about a tuppence pony?!?!?!

  5. Whoo hoo! Thank you!

    ....and that beaver is just too cute!

  6. I'm so slow at catching up on blog reading, what has caught my eye is the Beaver. I've been thinking of designing one for ages. Why? because I'm a Beaver Scout Leader, this one is lovely though, any chance of the pattern or where it will be eventually published?

  7. Forgot to say that Canada is a bit far for me to travel!!!!

  8. Congrats Sherry and Wickedtats!!
    And Oh, I love the little beaver, soooo cute!


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