Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I usually keep this little hedgehog on some wall folders but he fell off one day and I just set him on the desk and then eventually in the little caddy next to the computer by my teacup notepaper. He's even got a little tatted posy on him!

Over the past few nights I tatted the next motif in Sharon's book. She shows them as earrings and they have beads so I decided to go ahead and put beads on. When I got done, I decided it made the perfect motif for our charity tree that my lace guild is donating to auction off. So I made 2 more because we do the ornaments in sets of 3.

Then I decided to make another set in a bigger thread. The first set was in Finca size 16. Then Cebelia size 30. So then I was intrigued by the difference in size and decided to make a full dozen, using Cebelia size 20 and Cebelia size 10 just to illustrate the difference in size that the thread makes. By the time I was done, I had figured out it took 25 turns to load the shuttle for the motif rings (in size 10) and 15 beads. The biggest one is about the size of a quarter and the smallest is about the size of a dime.

I still have to finish the ends and block them but looks like I've got my part for the tree done!

While I was tatting, I was watching 2nd season DVDs of Simon and Simon. I love their theme song and the hunks themselves are easy on the eyes. LOL! It's kind of odd to watch a show back when a 19" screen was a big deal and the only electronic device I've seen is the answering machine on their phone. No computers or cell phones or ipods. LOL! There was one reference to PacMan. Rick thought the neighbor's pacman was interfering with his radio controlled toy????


  1. LOL! I watched Simon and Simon all the time when I was a kid....which doesn't seem that long ago...

  2. I used to LOVE this show. Wonder what ever happened to Jameson Parker? I have seen Gerald in several things, though.


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