Sunday, July 05, 2009

Friday I went to the Children's Museum in Indianapolis to see the King Tut exhibit that I had purchased tickets for with another friend. Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take photos in this exhibit but I could take photos anywhere else. Forgot then, of course! I do have this one of the outside of the museum that I just love - the dinosaurs peeking in! There is another view on the other side of the building that I didn't get a pic of with a dinasaur "crashing through to the outside". Inside is a ship model up on blocks from the Stars Wars Clones movie. There is a glass tower by Dale Chihuly in a prominent location and the big water clock right in the center, but we kept missing the half-hour and hourly water deluge.

There were lots of cool things in the King Tut exhibit but I was disappointed that there was not a single part of the actual mummy tomb, such as one of the Sarcophagus'. I guess for some reason I thought we'd see the actual mummy but not even the face mask was in the exhibit. There was a bed used by Tut and a chair - he must have been a small man judging from the sizes of both. One of the jars that held his organs was there. There are 4 jars, one holding the liver, the stomach, the intestines, and the lungs. The heart was left in the body. Jewelry on the body was shown, including some gold sandals. We had a great time there and looking at other exhibits.

My son moved in this weekend so I've been pretty busy going through things and trying to organize. I spent some time looking at exterior doors today as I need to replace the one in the basement where he will eventually end up. Right now I have to get everything out of that room and then wash and paint. Even so, I've tatted a bit. This is the continuing of edgings in Sharon's book. She shows a simple ring and chain edging first. I was trying to empty shuttles so I started a second one and decided to join it so that it made a circle motif.

This is the next edging, a flower edging, which requires 2 shuttles. There are actually supposed to be six rings in the bigger flower but I was having trouble fitting five so I just left it at that. I haven't blocked it yet and in fact, I'm still tatting on it. We just had some babies born in the family recently and one was a girl. I'm thinking of making the hanky bonnet and using this for the trim. It's so pretty!

Well, almost midnight so I best be getting to bed!


  1. That dinosaur peeking in is cute...not that dinosaurs are all that "cute", but you know what I mean? LOL! It sounds like a fabulous exhibit! I saw the King Tut exhibit when it came through a local university years ago near my home town. That was very neat!

    That edging is pretty! I am busy tatting an edging for an exchange right now.

  2. What a neat museum with the dinos peeping in! I haven't seen the Tut exhibit, but I bet it's grand! And I'm sure it was inspirational, too.

    I can't quite see that edging with 6 rings either. Unless, of course, you were edging the center of a doily. ;-)

  3. Pretty edging. You could also use it with a chunkier thread on baby girl socks. I think it would be very cute.... : ) Fox

  4. My kids would love those dinos! Sounds like a cool museum - glad you liked the exhibit.

    The flower edging is very pretty. It would look pretty for a little bonnet!

  5. I saw the King Tut Exhibit in Venice Italy. They had mummies and everything there. Wonder if they shortened the exhibit?

    Your flower edging is beautiful. Congrats on your new family members.
    Those hankie bonnets are really cute and make a wonderful family heirloom.


  6. The edging is pretty, and would indeed look nice on a baby bonnet. Congratulations on the new babies in the family!


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