Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Missed Tatting Tea Tuesday
I have an ugly brown teapot from years ago that I could make something like this with but I wouldn't dream of doing that to one of my pretty ones. It's cute though.

I'm very busy right now. Only Wednesday and it feels like it should be Friday! I skipped the gym the last two nights because I've been so tired and have other things to do.

I restarted the bobbinlace butterfly from Lace Day last night. I don't have a proper pillow and it's frustrating. I'm using the "plastic" kit you can buy but I also have a pillow I've borrowed from my lace guild. It's a roller pillow though and doesn't work well for this. I put the board on top of it since the pins go all the way through when I push them down and I really don't want to be a pincushion! Tonight I finished the first half and started the second half. THEN I rummaged and found my puller....and later my pusher....and just now found my pricker though I didn't need it for this pattern since I've already used it.

As soon as I'm done with this, I'll make a cookie pillow using Mark Myers' directions. I found a cork disc on clearance at Walmart to use. It's smaller than your typical cookie pillow, only 18" I think, but it will work for smaller projects. It's not likely I'll ever do a project calling for dozens of bobbins, but if I do, I have a piece of wood that I can get a bigger circle cut from.

So far I think I'm doing okay. Now this is odd....I'm getting ready to do sewings of the 2nd half to the body of the 1st half and it seems like that is the very last thing I did on the other one. I must be wrong. I haven't cut my ends off either either from the first half - I left about 8". I tied the knot but since that is where my last one came loose a bit, I decided to wait until I'm done - maybe even use a real needle to sew the final ends in. It's late and I'm tired so I only took one shot of the flutter. It looked clear in the preview. I'll make sure it's a sharp pic when it's done.

I've added very little to the edging I showed in my last post. As I said....BUSY! Tomorrow night we're picking up a door for the basement so that means this weekend that the real work begins again. I dropped off 2 boxes at Goodwill on my way home today. When I have time to go through more stuff, I'm sure I'll be making more trips.


  1. Hi there! That teapot lamp is darling! Have fun with your bobbin lace butterfly! You're a multi-talented lady! :)

  2. Cool lamp! I couldn't give up my pretty ones for a lamp either! I need to get back to my bobbin lace, or I'll forget what I've learned. Can't wait to see your butterfly!

  3. Hi Gina, The lamp is very cute! What a neat idea!! I hope you post the bobbin lace butterfly when you are done. I always wanted to learn bobbin lace, but I never want to put my tatting down. LOL!

  4. Ooh, the teapot lamp is so cute! And, as it happens, I was given two small teapots from a dead relative's estate that arrived with cracks in the lids. Will have to examine them to see if they can be recycled into a lamp. Whee!

    Also, looking forward to seeing the finished flutter. Bobbin lace is intriguing with all those bobbins. Enjoy!

  5. Woohoo! Gina's stepped over to the dark side!

    That looks lovely, Gina! I made a cute roller pillow from a small coffee can covered with cotton quilt batting (I used a crib-sized one) and strips of very tightly wound wool fabric. Then you cover the whole mess with a cover that has drawstrings on the sides. Make the cover to fit as tightly as you possibly can. Works great, it's cheap and you're recycling/repurposing things, too.

    I can't wait to see the finished product!

    Erin in Tenn.


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