Monday, August 17, 2009

I came across this site after finding a pop-top crochet flower tutorial. There are still books available on Amazon about this 70's popular craft. I never made any of the items on this site, but I do remember seeing them in the media. I also remember cans before pop tops and pull tabs. You used a "church key", a pointed metal device that was leveraged on the side of the can and pulled up which then pushed a triangular piece of metal down, thus opening the can enough to drink its contents or pour them out. You had to punch a triangle on opposite sides to allow the contents to flow freely. Otherwise you just got a tiny trickle.

LOL! I'll betcha some of you reading this have NO IDEA what I'm talking about. You just always figured cans had something to pull or push, right? Or came with screw on lids?

I worked a lot in the basement over the weekend. We (son & I) hauled everything out and I scrubbed the walls down. Sunday I painted. It's only two walls because the other two walls need some special preparation and will have to wait. This area is where the storage will go ....or went. Later we moved all my storage tubs and boxes over to the newly painted side. I have so many bins to go through! There is just no sane reason for a person to have so much....stuff!

I finished up the bunny face from Sharon's book today. I buggered up the top where the ears are because I ran out of thread and tried to fudge a bit - ended up adding new thread but it dips where it should not because I switched threads. I also tatted rings opposite each other for the nose and just tatted one chain down to the jawline. I made it the way the instructions said the first time but mine looked BAD. I almost gave up on him but I'm glad I didn't. I had so many threads to hide that I just cut them long and then sewed the motif on a piece of felt. I'm literally too tired to piddle with hiding ends today.

I skipped the turtle and choker which are the next two projects and moved on to the tatting wrist bag. I've barely started it. I'm really not a turtle person nor am I a choker person so to keep my momentum going, I just skipped over them. I may feel more patient and willing to tat them later.

I washed two loads of canning jars in the dishwasher today. They were filthy from sitting in the basement. I will be giving the bulk of them away. Other than the occasional batch of apple butter or some kind of jar bread/cake, I don't can these days. As I took the first batch out and put them in a box, I accidently clanked two together and broke both of them. I thought I got all the glass picked up but later in the evening, I managed to find a bit of glass with my big toe.

Hope it cools off during the night!


  1. Ahaha! The bottle cap hat is funny! My aunt had her ENTIRE house decorated with beer can tabs. She probably used one of those Amazon books, too. Wow, what a trip down memory lane...

    I like seeing the finished pieces from Sharon's book. I couldn't decide if I wanted it, now I do!

  2. That hat is funny. I remember opening cans the way you described. Some still have to be opened that way. The bunny is cute. Cleaning? Really? Bad girl!


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