Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tatting Tea Tuesday

For all the tea-for-ones that I own, I do not have a single tea cozy. Not one! I have lots of patterns (for regular sized teapots), but have yet to make one. How about you? If you need inspiration, check out these blogs:
http://crazycozies.blogspot.com/ http://wildforteacosies.blogspot.com/

I'm doing some research on beads and in the process, I happened on this youtube video about tatting. This one doesn't have sound, which is a detriment, because it's really hard to follow what he is doing.

In the next one, which is the one I saw first, he is adding a bead. Listen to his terminology and watch how his hands move. Apparently, he is doing the wrap, or reverse tatting, that is done for frontside/backside tatting or when you make a split ring for the second half. It seemed like one heckuva lot of trouble to add one little bead, but I do admire his ingenuity and if you go to the 3rd video, which I didn't add, the rings are perfectly formed and the bead is centered. The traffic noise is annoying but he is good about making sure the shot is centered before moving on. I'm also intrigued by the foam or whatever that is wrapped around his finger.

I always say there is no ONE way to tat, but I'm still amazed at the various methods.


  1. Hi Gina, Great post! There were some very creative tea cozies on those blogs. Makes me wish I could crochet one for myself.

    The tatting video showing how to add a bead to a picot was very interesing. I never saw a bead added like that before. I guess it would work if I didn't have a crochet hook to use, but I think it was a little fiddly and would take a long time to add the beads.

    Thanks for posting it.

    Have a great day!

  2. Wow. I'm with Carol -- gimmie a crochet hook for adding beads. That worked, but looked really difficult!

  3. Love the tea cozy site. I need to make one myself!

  4. The most interesting thing about the videos is that he is direct tatting his elements, he is not flipping the stitches. you are absolutely right Gina, there is no "right" way to tat.


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