Monday, October 18, 2010

I was browsing a booksite just for the fun of it and found this. I love Mary Konior's books and mine are well used and treasured. No disrepect to the dear lady is intended at all, but to the seller who is trying to capitalize on her out-of-print books to the tune of $2,640 - REALLY?

I was gone a good part of the weekend, catching up on grandkids everywhere. All are great, healthy and warm my heart. On Saturday, I tatted this oak leaf from Karey Solomon's self-published book, Tatting Turns Over a New Leaf. I'm not sure I got the outside right and I might change it if I tat it again.

Last night I tatted part of the rose leaf from one of Toni Storer's 3D Flower books. The rose leaf is actually 3 leafs and this is one of the small side leafs. I don't want them too big so I stopped there. Since they're part of a 3D flower, floral wire is tatted over in the center but I just tatted over the tails. Kinda but not really purl tatting.

Next, I'm looking at some of Ruth Perry's celtic leaves. Trying to build up some courage. takes focus to interweave those chains just right.

This is another book I borrowed from the I.O.L.I. library. I thought it was all bobbin lace but it's actually any lace featuring bees, birds and butterflies. They are mostly bobbinlace but there are some RPL and other types of lace too.

Imagine my suprise when I found a TATTED butterfly near the back! The body is crocheted and stuffed, I believe.

My furnace is working now. The tech brought out the required motor and had it installed in less than 15 minutes. I found out I have a good space heater. It helps that it wasn't subzero weather but even so, it kept the main part of the house at 70º which is what I have the furnace thermostat set at.

So...back to the needlearts!


  1. lulz, I have a feeling that listing was the victim of the dreaded misplaced period, at least I *hope* it was!


    Alibris has the same book from the same seller but there it is going for $2772.00. And Pattern Book of Tatting is one of the Mary Konior books that I still need and want!!! I think that Extremely Reliable needs to adjust their price down just a bit!

  3. Well that would make me a rich woman if I could sell my copy for that price!!!! Ridiculous. Can't wait to see the leaves when you've dyed them.

  4. At that price, you'd think they'd hand deliver it but the $4.99 seems a small price to pay!

  5. Looks like fall is in the air around your place, but I think I like your leaves a bit better because they won't crumble :)
    Have a great day!

  6. Do you think I overpaid for the book??? HAHAHAHAH!

    Glad to hear that your furnace is working. Good to get it in order right now!

    The leaves are spectacular! Can't wait to see what colour they will be later. I must get around to that book... to sort of branch out a bit...uhhmm...

    ♥ Fox : )

  7. I get furious when I see someone selling a Mary Konior book for a couple hundred let alone a couple thousand! WHEW! Your tatted leaves are lovely! I love Karey Solomon's book. :D

  8. If they really meant that price, then they are insane, and I don't think they'll get it. After all, the book may be out of print, but it's not rare. Maybe they meant $26.40. I hope.

    I like your leaves and can't wait to see how they look dyed.

  9. hello Gina the sheet(leaf) is magnificent kept silent about the shéma so that I try
    bye corinne


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