Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Two more leaves! The maple leaf is from Tammy Rodgers diagram. I had the original too but used Tammy's except I added a picot between chain segments at the clovers so that I could join them. Tammy's overlapped and I didn't really want that. On the original, they don't overlap. Next time, I might just make the chains a few stitches shorter there.

The small leaf is from Karey's book, Tatting Turns Over a New Leaf. It's quite easy and fast too so I'll probably make more of those.

I tried Ruth Perry's celtic maple leaf last night but I did something wrong. I knew there was something wrong in the second vein but I couldn't find my mistake so I continued until it was time to outline them all and I gave up at that point. I'll try again on another day. I was really tired last night. I even laid on my floor at work during lunch (on a coat) and napped a few minutes. Today I napped a bit when I came home. Maybe it's the change of seasons. Maybe it's the stress of so many home things going wrong. I don't know. I sleep well. Wide awake tonight!

The past few days I've spent a little time visiting the blogs who left a comment on mine during the OWOH (One World One Heart) event last Spring. I'm surprised at how many stopped blogging since then. Of course, many use it as a way to advertise their craft business and I suspect it hasn't been the most profitable year for many. I'm looking forward to participating again if Lisa continues the event.

I've become addicted to tatting for the dye pot. I've been noting everyone's seahorse dragon and want to tat one. Hmmmm...guess I could do it in ecru. Actually, I was thinking of tatting the loch ness monstor somehow between the seahorse, the dragon and Anne's chinese dragon. I have too much on my plate, I think. Yikes! After 11:00 p.m.! I need to get to bed!


  1. I think a hand-dyed dragon would be wonderful.

  2. hello
    lots of beautiful things, i love visiting this blog ; bye corinne

  3. The leaves look very realistic! Amazing what you can do with a little bit of thread and a few knots! LOL

  4. Visiting other peoples blogs has become a luxury of late for me. But I love coming over to yours and finding out what you have been doing. Last year when I tatted Tammy Rodgers leaf I also altered it. It never feels right to do that to someone else's pattern but needs must sometimes!!

  5. Miranda, I did bring thread and shuttles with me today & have about 15 minutes left of lunch hour.

    Corinne - thank you for visiting!

  6. I hope you managed to get a full nights sleep last night. I nortmally sleep like a log and am bereft on the rare occasions I don't sleep well. It throws you out for days.

  7. Hi Gina, I've been going through you blog, which I am way behind in reading. I just love all your hand dyed tatting. The colors you are achieving are fantastic and everything looks great. I couldn't find the post that you first started talking about the dye pot, so I'm curious as to what dyes you are using and how you are dyeing the items. Are you hand painting the tatting? Whatever your process, it is very nice. Have a great day!


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