Wednesday, October 27, 2010

No tatting to share. I've been busy helping set up our exhibit that starts Friday. I did think it was an appropriate time to repost the photo of this shuttle, a favorite I got from Georgia Seitz, with Autumn leaves inlaid, along with a recent find at an antique store. I'm pretty sure this piece is not an antique but I thought the embroidery was so well done that it was worth having. It was only $1 or $2. I can tat or crochet an edging for it later. It's tea towel size.

I did post on my other blogs some finds at those same thrift and antique stores. Dolls and embroidery if you're interested.

I plan to be home earlier tonight and maybe get something the rest of the laundry. I also want to tat one more teapot bookmark and a few oak leaves for the dye pot which will be happening on Saturday! I might even try to tat a pumpkin teapot bookmark in ecru and make it unique with the dye.


  1. that is a lovely shuttle.

  2. I am dyeing to see what you come up with on Saturday dye day.

  3. Love your pretty shuttle...looking forward to your dye project
    Joy in OZ

  4. so it's busy. busy at your house too! Ay least you know where to come for favours next time you get hitched!!

  5. I like your shuttle


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