Sunday, January 09, 2011

#2 in 25 Motif Challenge

As a refresher and if you're new to here, I'm taking part in the 25 Motif Challenge using vintage motifs from Theresé de Dillmont's Tatting which can be found in the Antique Pattern Library. I'm still working on Plate IV, Grounds.

This is the second ground. It's a very simple triangle and is shown here from the original publication.

This is the motif on its own. The large rings are 3-6-6-3 and the small rings are 3-3-3. It probably wouldn't matter where you started but the directions start with a small ring.

As before, I tatted in size 20, DMC Special Cordonnet. I was going to make about three rows like the original photo but decided to go with the triangle. I figured out how to continue in the same row without cutting and tying. I probably could have even climbed to another row but it was getting fiddly just going from one to the next. I'll show in my next post how I did it and have a diagram. It involves split rings and some reverse tatting.

The triangular shapes lends itself to many options. The Christmas tree is obvious but it could be a giant arrow or the point of a big star too. You could simply make row after row and have a nice mat or runner. You could make each row a different color. I did try a sample with a picot in the center of the small ring but it changed it entirely so I didn't go further with it.

It could also become a modesty insert for V-necked sweaters or tops, like this pretty purple one I got for Christmas.

The center of a single one is too small to fit over a Christmas ball but if you attach three together in a triangle, it would fit. Then you could add beads to the point for even more embellishment.

If you're really ambitious, you could tat more than one of these large triangles, stiffen them and attach together to make a pyramid box. Poke little flowers (even tatted ones) through the openings.

Sigh...wish I had time to follow up on all my ideas!


  1. Gina, although I don't do any lace making I do always enjoy this blog. It is good to see something else being created. Such beautiful lacemaking must be very satisfying.

  2. I love the idea of the modesty insert! Would you sew it in or pin it? If sewn in, would you need any special washing instructions such as using a lingerie bag?

    I get so many ideas from reading blogs, especially yours! So, I know how difficult it is to come up with time to try everything. I still haven't tried your first motif... can't get the printer to connect since installing the new router. Therefore, I plug along with finishing the pieces I've been finding as I clean and reorganize!

  3. For the modesty insert, I would probably stitch it in. I think pinning would distort it as you actually wore it. As far as washing, this one is cotton but it would depend on the thread fiber and the fiber of the clothing it is attached to. This one is not very frilly but one with a lot of picots would require extra care and pressing to look right.

    This one was actually a bit small for that top but there's another top I've been wanted to tat this kind of insert for using a different pattern. You bring up some good questions!

  4. Some great ideas, Gina! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Really huffing and puffing again to keep up! Again, I can't believe how fast you tat and post!

    I was excited to see this post because I've been doing some fun things with this little triangle and hope to post about them soon.

    Back in October, I was spurred on by "Sue", whose blog title is simply "Tatting". Sue is a member of the 25-Motif, and on October 20 she posted about some amazing effects using this same triangle. She started creating 'solid' fabric with it, usig HDT, with fascinating results. She kept enlarging the 'fabric' and it was taking several different shapes. She was running out of that particular HDT (by Heather), so she might not have taken it any farther.

    I started playing with this idea, and accidentally found another interesting aspect of it using variegated thread.

    The vintage patterns are so fascinating, and fun to play with! I often think about those tatters from the past!

  6. Kathy, I had to go see those motifs and you are right! Wow- she put them right next to each other and that opens a whole new path!

  7. Wow! Your just bursting with ideas, aren't you? :-D I hope some readers jump on them so I can see where they take your ideas! ;-)

    Thank you for inspiring me! I never thought about "modesty insert" before. I have a lot of shirts that I just plain won't wear outside of the house without an undershirt, so I might just have to try my hand at a few! :-D (I swear some family members just think of my Hubby when they buy my shirts. LOL... They seem to be more for him to look at than for me to wear. LOL).

    Thank you!! :-*

    -Stephanie Grace

  8. I really like this pattern and you did it so neatly. Very pretty!

  9. Ground 2 is pretty too and what great ideas Gina. Thanks for sharing them.

  10. Very nice design and easy to work up. I have been looking for a pattern to make a shawl. Thank for sharing.
    Linda M in NM

  11. gorgeous Gina. Thanks for the blog help, i am trying to pluck up the courage!!


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