Saturday, January 15, 2011

Woe begone to cracked fingertips!
They are the scourge of wintertime creativity!
Always a pointer or a thumb
The digital rest are left undone

Okay, very very bad poetry but you get the idea. I have water boiling on the stove which is beginning to fog up the windows in there,have slathered my hands with a very good lotion, taken a vitamin, and plan to drink lots of water today to rehydrate my system. The corner of my mouth is cracking again and all this irritation just won't do! I have too many ideas to be waylaid by cracked fingertips!

Now,compared to my dear tatting friends in Queensland, Australia, my complaints are miniscule. I have many fond memories of my trip to Brisbane in 2005, riding the length of the river on the Citycat with my friend Garryck, attending that FABULOUS craft fair with Maureen, meeting Judith Connors and Brenda Rewhorn, shopping in downtown Brisbane, going to a movie, shopping with Maureen at all the wonderful suppliers of thread and stitching really saddens me to see THIS which is so similar to the New Orleans disaster. Further information is HERE.

I'm noticing a lot of Australian Esty shops are donating proceeds towards the relief effort so if you've been thinking of buying something from one of these sellers, now would be a good time to do so. Some are from other areas too so check your favorite sellers and see if they are contributing.

I hate not having any pictures but I can barely tat. So I've opted to show you my last bobbin lace bookmark. I've been putting them on the lace & embroidery blog but a little eyecandy here is better than none!

I've actually been working on the diagramming. I guess I need to read the manual. LOL! When all else fails, read the instructions! I do sort of remember Sharon telling us what we needed to do to make sure the drawings were visible but I'd forgotten there was actually something I needed to do. I can't even print out my diagrams and scan them because they won't show up. So, as I get that sorted out, I thought I would leave you with some written instructions.

I've already said for the triangle that the stitch count is 3-6-6-3 for the large rings and 3-3-3 for the small ones. The directions start with a small ring and end with the last large ring. To move from one motif to another, I made the last ring a split ring, 3-6/3-6. Then the next motif starts with the same large split ring.

This means you start the second motif in a different place from the first one which started with a small ring so how do you get the small ring in there when you get all the way around and are tatting the last large split ring? When I got to that point, I turned my work over and used the other shuttle to make a small ring, attaching it to the first large split ring. I started with the 2nd half of the ds so that it's all frontside when you are done. Then I turn it back over and make the last large split ring, joining to the small rings on either side in the process. This puts you in the position of starting the next motif and repeating this same sequence for the length you want.

Hmmm...forgot to mention that you do need two shuttles for this. A single motif only needs one shuttle but if you are tatting a string of them, you need two shuttles for the split rings.

Kathy N. pointed out that another tatter has used this motif in an entirely different way. Sue, from God's Kid, joined them from point to point and came up with some really intriguing designs. You can also see what it looks like in a variegated thread, a beautifully colored one at that!


  1. oh Gina, I fear cracked fingers are going to be the end of us all and to top it all off I cut my finger with the scissors too!! I would love to see your ''peep holes'' when you do them...have a lovely, finger pain free saturday!

  2. I'm amazed you can type with your sore fingertips! I'm also interested in what brought about your trip to Australia back in 2005. That's quite a journey! It seems Australia has been having all kinds of problems, with the fires and now the flooding! It's very sad to see.

    Excellent detail about how you are connecting the triangles together with the split rings. I'm not quite adept at those split-ring transitions, but I'll file it away for future reference. When I played around with connecting the triangles into 'fabric' as Sue has done, I was connecting the picots on the small rings, too. It tended to slow things down! I'm so glad you've brought these triangles to everyone's attention. It will make doing my posts easier to explain, as I can link to your and Sue's blogs!

    Are you using Serif Draw Plus SE? If you draw, say, a line, you need to 'select' the line you've just drawn (using the black arrow), which then brings up some white tabs in the upper left corner There is one tab that gives you 'point' size (from 0.0 (which is invisible!) all the way to 64.0 (which is crazy!). You need at least 0.1 for it to show up, and it's darker and thicker the higher point size you use. Possibly the reason for parts of a drawing being invisible is to make something like a 'grid line' or 'guide line' disappear into the background but still be there for reference?? Just guessing!

  3. Kathy,
    I did make a lot of typos with all that tape!

    I had a dear friend in Oz that I wanted to meet in person so I made arrangements to travel there. I love to travel but it hasn't been in the books since then. I'm hoping this is the year and am making tentative plans.

    Yes, I'm using that program and made diagrams successfully in the design class. I just need to go through all the printouts from Sharon and see where she mentioned how to get around some of those issues. The line thickness was one. I'll probably have to start over and watch my p's & q's as I make the drawing.

  4. Make a homemade sugar scrub to use each morning. 1 cup sugar with 1/2 cup olive oil. Before you take a morning shower, "wash" your hands with a little bit of this. You may want to do that in the bathroom sink to reduce slippage in the bathtub. Wash your hands w/ soap afterward. Then lotion as usual after your shower.

    Your hands will be softer during the day.


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