Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oh Look! See what I found??

This is Springtime, probably my all-time favorite colorway in Lizbeth. I've used it extensively, this same ball. I even taught a class using it.

So I was winding a shuttle with it to make an edging. I felt something more than thread slide through my fingers and when I looked, doggoned if it wasn't this knot! This isn't a knot within the thread, where it's kinked upon itself. This is two ends knotted together. Isn't it cute how they do that?

Don't forget that the OWOH starts January 30th so I'll be posting my Giveaway then. On top of that, I'm celebrating a Blogaversary soon, on February 13th. There will be a Giveaway for that too. I was afraid it would be a little confusing as the OWOH event goes on until February 17th so attention!

I have lots of tatting to show. I just need TIME to sort and edit and present it. I crashed when I got home tonight for an hour and a half. Maybe longer. It took me forever to wake up. Same way last night except it was less than an hour. I'm so looking forward to the weekend, not only because I can sleep in and catch up, but because I'm registered for another watercolor class with Rena Brouwer! And that reminds me, my friend Suzanne gave me some watercolor pencils for Christmas and I want to try them out.'s almost midnight. BEDTIME!


  1. "Isn't it cute how they do that?"'s frickin' adorable isn't it? So cute that I want to stab someone with a tatting needle...*sigh*.

  2. Anonymous7:56 AM

    Can't wait to see more of your tatting.

  3. Goodness! Knots in Lizbeth? Tell me why I am NOT surprised!!!
    Fox : ))

  4. It's just knot fair that that happens. Sheesh! When good threads do knotty things! Stop me! Please. sorry.

  5. Your taking the knot pretty well. Actually, while they are a pain, I don't mind them that much. Considering how automated thread (and yarn) production is, I'm kinda impressed too. Judging from the comments above, it seems that some people think these companies should stop production, and restart the affected balls of thread. We just need to live with the knots, since every brand of thread (and yarn) can have knots in them.

  6. I agree with Jeff. Knots are definitely a pain, but they're certainly few and far between in tatting threads. You get far more in knitting yarns, LOL.


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