Monday, January 24, 2011

Fun Stuff!

I followed a link on Tea Rose Home and found this intriguing project at Little Treasures.

Bra necklace from Little Treasures

I hate the wires in bras but haven't been proactive enough to take them out. Now I will and see what I can use them for. Tatted motifs would look very pretty here, don't you think? Go see what else she has made from bras! There's another necklace but also hair ornaments and lots of other fun stuff!

I can't believe I haven't removed those stupid wires. It's not like they're the tags you find on furnishings that warn you DO NOT REMOVE UNDER PENALTY OF LAW! Geesh! Did I really think they were supporting something? If you've seen me, you know that has never ever been an issue. You know, I'll bet you could even make a headband out of some of them. (okay, this could get risque so I will stop)

Do you remember that Lace-lovin' Librarian Diane had a giveaway recently of her latest fabric embellished shuttle? And I won!

It was in the mail when I got home tonight! She also sent 3 balls of thread and all in a very Mardi Gras-like bag. I love the glitter on this shuttle. It's in the coating and makes the mittens look like they're in fresh snow. You can't even tell it's fabric. I have got to try this technique!

I was trying to show everything at once but the bag didn't show up all that well so I took another picture after I put it all back in the bag. Thank you Diane!!!

Some days I am easily amused. I was in Walmart the other night and happened to be in the personal grooming section, the sample section to be precise. I found a cute little "toothbrush" that doesn't require water or toothpaste. It's basically for instances like a business lunch or a date, something where you can't readily brush your teeth but really do need to freshen up a bit. Don't have a pic of that, but here's what really intrigued me. I don't have a use for it, honestly, as my hair is so short, fine and thin that a brush is useless on my head but for 97¢, I couldn't pass it up!

It's a portable compact brush. It comes in a lot of colors but I picked this one. See this black spot? It's magic, you'll see.

Here it is open. There's a mirror that you can catch a glimpse of at the bottom. I had to be careful not to snap a photo directly at the glass but it does show up.

Now ~ here's the magic part! I'm pushing that black spot from the other side. Can you see what is happening???

TA-DA! It's a brush!
For some reason, that so tickled my funny bone! post will include tatting. I have a lot of the next challenge piece done but wanted to finish up something else tonight. Did I mention I had my first yoga class tonight? I can't believe how energized I am for a Monday night. Musta been that yoga!


  1. Oh lucky you, Gina. That shuttle is pretty! Enjoy your winning.

    I've seen that brush in a 2-dollar shop here. Interesting.

  2. I'm glad you like your goodies, Gina! My technique is very simple... put a layer of Mod Podge on the shuttle, press the fabric in place, let dry, trim. Paint a layer of glitter nail polish on top of the fabric, let dry. I then use five layers of Mod Podge, letting each layer dry completely, about an hour. After the third layer of Mod Podge, I trim the rough edges with a craft knife. I let the final layer of Mod Podge dry over night, then I spray with two layers of gloss acrylic sealer. Depending on the day, some of the shuttles turn out better than others! I was very pleased with the way yours turned out.

    That brush made me chuckle! I think my granddaughters would love it, but their hair is too thick for it to do much good... great stocking stuffer idea!

  3. The shuttle Diane sent you is very cute!!

    I'll have to look for that brush, I've not seen them before.

  4. Just the kind of gadget I would look at!
    Fox : ))

  5. Yoga? I laugh at the prospect of me trying to look graceful, with all this, this, well you know don't you? Of course..hee hee...It can't hurt...Interesting find at the Mart....Pretty stuff in the surprise package.....

  6. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Now THAT's what I call Recycling! LOL

    Nice little tatting gifty bag - lucky gal you are!

    I remember the porcupine comb/brushes - my brother had one back in the 90's... I always loved playing with it

  7. I like te thread and your inspiration for the blog Gina !


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