Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Attaching Tatting to Fabric

An anonymous commenter signed the name "mic" to their comment which follows:

i have a question and it might sound odd ... but how do you attach your tatting? i've been working on an edging for my god daughter's dress and i can't think of how to attach it. i was thinking sewing it down by hand but i'm not sure that would be the best choice ... i'd greatly appreciate any pointers you could give :)thank you

I'd rather answer the question in an email but since there is none, I'll answer on the blog and hope mic sees it.

I prefer to sew edgings on but some people tat them on. I use the edge of the folded over or hemmed fabric and use a sort of blind stitch like you do when you hand-hem something. I catch the tatting no less than every 1/4" if it's a chain edge, but otherwise, I like to catch the picots when the needle comes out of the fabric. You'll need to use the same color thread or invisible thread.

It depends on the depth of the edging as well as the design. If it's a very simple edging, you might pin it to the surface right at the edge and put a ribbon or cord or other decorative cord on top of the very edge, stitching both down at once. I really think hand-sewing is the better way to go though. Maybe if I saw a sample of the lace I could give better suggestions.

A google search turned up a discussion at InTatters:

You may have to join to see it but it's free and a very good group.


  1. Are you listening to my phone conversations?????Wow! It is so ironic that my mother and I had this same discussion today. She is planning a dress for my great niece/her great granddaughter with tatting edging on the sleeves. Thank you for your blog entry today and to "MIC" for asking the question.

    Now my question is, since you have been crocheting a chain across the top of some of the edgings you have been working on lately, do you recommend the edging with or without the crocheted chain? The baby will be 11 months old when she wears the dress.

    Thanks again.


  2. Thanks for the interesting link. I didn't know that group before.

  3. You do it the same as me, in fact I have been making some tatted ribbon strips for card makers as suggested by my friend, I am going to make some cards as well and will be attaching it the same by making some holes in the card and then sewing them on by the picots.
    I hope mic sees your post

  4. Gina - am glad that she did not leave a contact email. I too am interested to know.

  5. Thank you so much Ms Gina for answering my question :)

    I felt very foolish for asking what I had assumed would be a very 'duh' question. I've searched everywhere in my town for someone else that does tatting but so far I fear I'm the only local that does it. I even went so far as to stop by the local senior center in hopes of finding a local to help me(no luck). Even my grandmother doesn't know much about tatting :(

    Alot of people seemed shocked that I wanted to learn such an 'old fashion' craft but my grandmother had recently given me alot of old crocheting books that often had this beautiful tatting in the back of them and well ... I fell inlove <3

    I've attached some of my tatting to small crocheting projects but my real aim is to be able to inset some of my tatting into clothing soon :) Sadly that is another area I can't find much info on.

    Might you have any links that could help? For once google and youtube hasn't been of much help but then again I'm not sure of the method I'm looking for.

    Again a million thanks for helping a young tatter out so much ^_^

  6. Mic - please email me privately at ginab6 @ yahoo.com


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