Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Thread Giveaway is over now. Winners have been notified. #1 a) Laivine (#15) b) Margie (#12); #2 Shannon(#11); #3 to Gail (#33). Congratulations to all! I have either sent you an email or commented on your blog.


Three little motifs I've been tatting to add to something else. The thread is Omega size 30 and the beads are seed beads size 11/0. I don't especially like tatting with Omega. It's a "dry" thread that doesn't slide as smoothly as others, probably because it is a 3 cord thread without a tight twist or finish. I really did like these popping colors though so bought them at the IL Lace Day for that reason alone.

Here's another part of the final item. This actually started out as a variation of figure 10 of my 13th motif in the 25 motif challenge. You can see the bookmark I started off with in this thread HERE and this led to tatting this segment but my original idea was to make the picots longer, as I did here, and then cross them when I tatted the chain.

But then I went off on another tangent and abandoned the chain altogether! I'll show this later when it's all finished. In the meantime, I hope the cheery colors rub off on you if you need it!


  1. Love that purple and green together!

  2. ...perfect combination!

  3. I daren't let The Boss see this post! You know where THAT would lead! Looks great! Love the bright colours.
    Fox ; )

  4. the bright green's very outstanding! whoever's getting this will love it!

  5. A very nice colour combination. I especially like the brightness of the green.


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