Sunday, July 17, 2011

If you've been reading Martha's blog you know she's been playing and coming up with patterns for a new book. I was fortunate enough to test tat the one she has shown on her blog.

It's an easy tat and quick to work up in an hour or so. Just because it's quick and easy doesn't mean there isn't something new there. You get to play with a new technique and I think you'll enjoy it.

I had to run to the post office yesterday morning so I decided to pop by the fairgrounds and see how my entries made out and check out what else was in. I had eight entries, including some bobbinlace, crochet and embroidery. All were blue ribbons, firsts, except two which were red. One was a bobbinlace bookmark. The other was a pincushion with tatting on it. The big ribbons went to members in my lace guild for bobbinlace and knitting so I was happy. I tried to make my entries focus on contemporary tatting - something to appeal to the newer generations. There was some tatting from people outside our guild so it's nice to know there are more tatters in the county! I'm going to be out of town part of the week and I don't know if I'll get back in time to take photos. Probably not.

Speaking of County Fairs, my sister and I have both been going through boxes that include things from both our parents estates. I came across this blue ribbon that my mom won in 1947. She was a junior in high school, just turned 17 a few months before.

On the back of the ribbon it says it was in the Clothing III category and it was a sunback dress. I sure wish I had a photo of that dress but I don't. I don't even know what color it was or anything about it. She used to talk about their Home Ec teacher though, how she would make them pick every stitch with a pin before pressing to make the seam lay right. Apparently they had to rip a lot of stitches out too. Even though she sighed and grumbled about it, it was clear that she admired that teacher for making them do things the right way. Not that she continued to do it herself......but she did encourage me to make the effort to learn detailed finishes myself. I don't sew much anymore but I sure do notice tailoring or lack of tailoring on ready-made clothing!


  1. Congratulations on your wins!

  2. I love the crosses - great pattern!

    Congratulations on your ribbons. I am entering a few tatted things in our county fair in a couple of weeks - it's fun to see how you do, and all the other beautiful things entered.

    I have my mom's home ec lesson book - kinda fun to look at. And I love hearing the 4H stories - I always wanted to be in 4H, but I was a "city" kid with all farm relatives!

  3. I really like those crosses!

    Congratulations on your ribbons! I've never entered a fair. Maybe I will some day. I'm inspired by all the bloggers who do enter fairs.

  4. Many congratulations on the fair entries. The crosses are great. I couldn't test tat for Martha this time but can't wait for her new book to come out. Her work is so well thought out and so easy to follow too.

  5. Somehow I missed the fact that you were entering items in the Fair! Congratulations! Most of the Fairs around here aren't until the end of August, so I forget they're held at any time in different parts of the country.

    That ribbon of your Mom's is so special! I'm glad, though, that my Home Ec teacher (1956-7) wasn't as much of a perfectionist! I might not have gone on to do all the sewing I did in my teens when my parents bought me a sewing machine because of my enthusiasm.

  6. the crosses are very pretty.

    congrats on your ribbon winnings, gina! looks like it runs in the blood.

  7. well done on your prizes!!! You must be so happy....

  8. Congratulations on your entries, and yes it would have been good to see a photo of what you mum won her ribbon for. Those crosses look great, surprising that a new design for one can still be found, well done Martha

  9. Just wanted to let you know that the prize arrived today. I do not have a lot of tatting thread and so the ones you sent are all new and match none that I have. Now I need to find something nice. I love the crosses so may need to go see if I can find a free pattern on the net. Limited income keeps me from buying books I would like to have for patterns. Thanks Again!!!!

  10. Beautiful tatting! Congrats on your awards from the fair ... perhaps, when they are back 'home', you might take pictures & share.

    Such hot weather ... stay cool!

  11. I love the delicate cross!


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