Monday, July 25, 2011

Getting up to speed with posts!

I've been so busy the past two weeks that I couldn't post about everything but I'm trying to catch up today. I picked up my fair entries last Friday night.

I really think you've seen everything before in single posts.

The woman who was processing the checkout told me the judge (or someone) was intrigued by the pinwheel purse. I forgot I'd stuck a dime in there so that seemed to delight her too. It's cute, but hard to get folded back up properly.

Last week I also received this lovely novelty ribbon yarn necklace from Gail M, one of the thread winners.

I had to try it both ways but I think the first one is the correct way.

Anika just moved and is without a regular internet connection right now but she sent me two samples of her dyed thread. I had already started to unwind one skein when I remembered to take a photo!

Here's more test tatting for Martha Ess. I used Anika's thread for one sample. It's currently named the Broomstick Snowflake but that may change before the book is done. This is the time of tweaking and testing! I love the design of this one.

Val from Singapore sent me a sample of this lovely thread that I had commented on. I'm intrigued especially by the black and white and wonder how it will tat up.

She included this embroidered hanky that I love and a beautifully tatted cross all because the first thread samples got lost in the mail. I certainly didn't expect anything extra since this was a gift to begin with! Thank you Val, Anika and Gail!


  1. that is a lot of blue ribbons, grats !!

  2. Good going at the fair!! It is always nice to get surprises in the mail!!

  3. Fabulous snowflakes! :)

  4. Congratulations on the awards from the fair!

    I really like the broomstick snowflakes, gorgeous - especially the aquamarine one!

  5. Love those motifs of Martha's with that crossover stitch. So pretty. I have done that a few times and of course forgot all about it, plus there are no patterns around with that stitch. I am glad she incorporated it into her motif.

    Nice threads! Anika's colours are lovely.
    Fox : )

  6. Wow, this post is full of goodies. Congratulations on your fair entry ribbons.

  7. That's a nice snowflake pattern, and what lovely goodies you've received! Well done on your fair entries!

  8. Congrats on your ribbons! All your nice treasures are a treat to read about. I can't wait for Martha's book to come out--we keep getting teasers. Love the snowflakes.

  9. Congrats for the ribbons from the fair. I am also intrigued by the pinwheel purse. Martha's pattern looks great and love the colours you tatted them up with. What wonderful gifts too.

  10. I'm going to try and see if blogger will le me leave a comment today.

    WOW on the ribbons, congratulations!

  11. Congrats on your fair wins! And all that wonderful thread to play with - what more could a tatter want? The snowflakes are gorgeous - looks like a good book I might need . . .

  12. Congratulations Gina on your Fair Ribbons for a job well done


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