Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I am so sick of this heat. We had a break on Sunday but it's gotten hotter and muggier each day so that we are right back where we were last week. And the week before. And the week before. It has been relentless! The forecast isn't very promising either. I have enough AC to keep comfortable as long as I don't get too physical. I've had to be out several times during the day at work this week and by the end of the day, I feel like a wrung-out dishrag! I'm grateful for the air conditioning more than ever before.

Last night was Bobbin Lace night after skipping two weeks. I started this the last time and hadn't even taken the pillow out of the bag. For some reason though, I took the instructions out and forgot to bring them so I was winging the 2nd half last night. I actually like it better than the first half even if the sewings aren't the best.

I had to show this sweet birdie paperclip I received as a gift. Now...if I could only remember where it came from! I got an awful lot of stuff close together so it could have been a vendor OR it could have come from someone else. I know it was in an envelope with something else. If you sent it to me, please let me know! I think it's sweet!

I stopped in at Goodwill this evening, just in case there was something special I could get with my 30% off discount. I found this painted caddy which works perfectly for the table next to my tatting chair to help me get organized. I may paint it another color but I wanted to make sure it would fit.

And here is the lovely orchid my sister got me for my birthday. I've never had an orchid before. Let's hope I don't kill it. I have so many trees around me that I don't get much sunlight anywhere in the house. That's why I take all my plants to work!

I have another really precious gift but I'm trying to figure out how I can fit it in my header so I need a not-hot day where I'm not wrung out by the heat. I'm off Friday so that might be the day! In the meantime, you'll have to guess. Sniffle, sniffle.


  1. I'm sorry about the heat. We had it here again today so I think you've got another one coming.
    Your orchid is lovely!

  2. That is a lovely orchid. I have never owned one but this website gives you lots of info.
    Also you bobbin lace butterfly matches your orchid. Pretty!!

    The heatwave in the US was on the news. We have never experienced temperatures above 35 degrees C. I hope you drink lots of water and keep out of the sun (whenever you can).

    My tatting supplies occupy a third of the sofa next to me. Very, very untidy compared to yours.

  3. it is wonderful, I have started to look into bobbin lace, when i get things settled more and have time, I am going to get some bobbins and learn :)

    I like all the hard work you do and the wonderful things you make, I think you are very talented :)

  4. Happy birthday, beautiful orchid, dont worry they dont like too much sunlight. just water once to twice a week depending on how hot it is and you will be fine.
    Beautiful lace butterfly, I have the bobbins and pillow etc but never seem to find time to do it, its now on my retirement list.
    Can you send us some heat please its been rather cool over here.

  5. I love your bobbin lace butterfly! And how perfectly it matches the color of your orchid. Hope your Birthday was wonderful!

  6. Happy Birthday, Gina! I wonder if there was a heat wave when you were born!

    Im so grateful for air conditioning, especially in the car! We can usually get by with just fans in the house, except for weeks like this with all the humidity. Glad we have the A/C as'backup'!

    The butterfly is pretty, the bookmark is very clever, the tray is a great idea, and the orchid is lovely. I'm amazed I've kept my hibiscus alive for the past four years, bringing it inside for the winter! I'm not known for my green thumb.

  7. Hi Gina!
    Thank you for your comment on my blog! I look forward to seeing what you do with the embroidery pattern. What a wonderful blog you have! I also see that we share a birth month! My birthday was the 22nd. ; )

    I love that you're keeping tatting alive! My grandmother taught me to tat when I was a lot younger (sigh), but I don't remember much. I still have the beautiful etched shuttle she gave me! This really makes me want to give it a go again! ; )
    Take it easy


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