Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Daniela Cadamosti from Italy left a nice comment about something I tatted months ago from "Chiacchierino" magazine. Unfortunately, the comment feature doesn't give a reply email, so thanks to Dani - and if you email me at ginab6 at, I can respond to you!

Bette sent me this link showing some tape lace being made. She was wondering about Dickel Lace but after looking at the photo and googling, I think Dickel Lace is the name of the pattern company, not the type of lace. There are 2 types of tape being used by the maker in this pattern which I find interesting. This is from Patra's Place, an Aussie with tons of beautiful embroidered linens! She also has a blog devoted to embroidered peacocks. You can find the link from her original site.

Here's half the eyemask I tatted from Helen Bailey's pattern - just to see how it would go. It tats up easily. I used size 20 thread so it comes out a bit smaller than Helen's motif, but I wanted to see how it would work up in that size thread. To actually use it as a mask, I would have to modify something around the eyehole - it's a bit small to actually see out of, but I loved working with those faceted beads for this. I will probably be playing with various mask projects over the next several months.

I continue to work on the edging for the baby bonnet. I keep getting interupted and I wonder if the hanky I've chosen is too small. I guess I will need to take the hanky to the baby and measure the wee one's head! Or maybe I should just make a little dress for her and add the lace to, not at the rate I'm going. She'll outgrow it before I get it done. Better to just pick a bigger hanky. But the last one I made was on the large side which turned out well because she wore it for a christening and was nearly a year old by that time. Okay...I'll stick with the smaller one.

I went to see my favorite motivational speaker yesterday. I did take along my TAT phase 2 project but ...gee, I started this rings only doily for my lace guild on Sunday and wanted to finish it, so I worked on it during the workshop and last night and hope to finish it by tomorrow so I can get back to other stuff! I was looking for a small rings only doily to put in our sale items at the Feast in a few weeks. People ask about doilies but to price them for what they are worth - we don't generally offer them. I thought I could find something small and not so time consuming to tat...seem to have misplaced Mark's book which has several ring only projects (rings only because of the time era - mid to late 1700's). I don't think tatted doilies were common either but we're fudging just a bit. I'd also like to make a few motifs that could be sewn on clothing or pincusions. This doily is from Cathy Bryant's Tatting. A dear friend gifted me with an extra copy of the book. So far it measures about 5 1/2 inches. It's supposed to be 7 1/2 inches completed but I think it will be over 8 inches. Larger than what I intended to work on, but that's okay.

I'm off all week. Woohoo


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