Saturday, September 23, 2006

The doily is done! I really am not a doily person. This one measures 7" and it's the largest I've made so far. If I were keeping it, it would be framed. I do like the design in this one but I've always liked hen & chicks in tatting. I started it on Sunday and finished Wednesday for roughly 14-15 hours of work including the blocking.

I also tatted these crosses for the Feast. The ecru one is from Mary Konior's book and the white one is from Cathy Bryant's book. Each one took 2 hours or a little less. I may put a tassel on the white one - haven't decided yet.

I spent Friday with my sister, mostly at an antique store and Half-Price Books in Indy. I got 19 books at Half-price! Four of them will go to other people. Some of the others are on sewing, quilting, vintage linens, painting, and a cookbook.

At the antique store, which I love for its vintage linens especially, I found this wonderful culotte undie with tatting! There are a few spots in the tatting that have broken and there is a hole in the front of the skirt part that needs to be mended, but I absolutely adore it! There were no stains although it appears there are stains in this photo - but really, there weren't.

Here you can see the bodice - there are tiny snaps at the top and buttons along the side. The stitching is machine stitching but the buttonholes are handmade. I'm not sure about the embroidery in the front and back. Someone in my tatting guild today also noticed tiny pintucks at the top of the bodice and I see they are at the waist too.

Here you can see the waist better - a simple insertion...and such a tiny tiny waist! There is a simple ring edging at each leg hem. I am just so pleased to find this! What will I do with it? I have no idea. I may eventually donate it to my lace guild. We also saw a little bag of some pieces that I recognized at Irish crochet. Fine work - but it was yellowed and very high priced. They were pieces for clothing and it wasn't clear exactly what kind of clothing so I passed on that one.

I could hardly believe my eyes when my sister & I found this mini-goddess at a New Age bookstore! I've emailed the company to find out where I can get them. What a delightful surprise! Gotta was a GREAT DAY!!!!


  1. Anonymous4:54 PM

    Oh I love those undies! absolutely wonderful! Susannah x

  2. OMGosh! That vintage undie thingy is a fabulous find! I'm glad to see it ended up in the hands of someone who knows and appreciates what it is. Your doily is so delicate and pretty! The cross bookmarks are beautiful. I think I'm going to have to see if I can get Cathy Bryants book if I don't have it already. This is the second time I have seen it mentioned in a 24 hour period, LOL! I came across this blogpost while googling "someone tatting" images. I'm trying to find an image online of someone actually tatting.


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