Sunday, September 24, 2006

Wally has a cool slide show of motifs on her tat-a-long blog. I really want to know how to do that! I know how to make a slideshow with powerpoint but not how to post it and have it automatically start. AND...the next motif in the tat-a-long is there. Guess I'm a little late! I noted Wally used those sew on gems I bought some of...but haven't played with yet. They are in the center of some of the motifs!

I spent some time this evening looking at 25 Motif Challenge blogs. I was intrigued by Arizona tatter Jan who watercolored her mini-tat motifs. That gives me an idea - I've been wanting to tat motifs to frame in my living and had started - with a lovely thread in greens and purples - but ran out of thread after only 3 motifs. Maybe I should just tat them all in white and then paint them in the shades I want to use?

Then I visited our Irish friend Pam from Cork and saw the beautiful beaded fuschia earrings for her daughter's wedding. Pam's daughter also had a white fuschia necklace and earrings - click on the photo and you'll see them better - isn't she gorgeous? And don't forget to look at Pam's feathered tatted beaded headpiece! Or all the beautiful tatting she did for the wedding.

Looks like I wasn't the only one to find a vintage treasur this week! See the doily on Gail's blog.

I was so excited posting about the undies and goddess amulet I find last night that I forgot about the corner bookmarks we tatted in guild yesterday. Kay expects to have her star book out in November. Here's hoping!

I actually sewed last night. Made a throw pillow for my sofa. I had to go get more filling today and finish the opening up but it's so pretty. I have another one to do........maybe later! I mowed this afternoon. It was sunny and comfortable when I got home from errands but by the time I got back outside and on the mower, it was overcast and the wind kept getting cooler and cooler. I did get done. Not really that much growth but we just had several days of rain and it will be really cold by the time I can mow again. I'll probably be mowing leaves when I do it again!

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