Sunday, September 03, 2006

Day 3 - "talking about what you want and why you want it is at the purest form of your vibration"'s not permitted to talk about why you think you can't have it. In other words, you can't say, " I want to win the lottery, but fat chance that will ever happen, The odds are 1 in millions" because then your focus is saying it won't happen. Yes means yes and no means yes to the Universe. If you focus on negativity, that's what you get, somehow. Anyway, one of the things I want is to follow through more with my tatting. And other crafts. Why? Because I love the way it feels to complete something beautiful. Usefulness is besides the point. Some things are simply nice to look at and they will always serve a function in some way. I can use it for our lace displays to show a technique. I can frame some things for home decor and I can give away others as gifts. Lots of the little bits and pieces will end up on a crazy quilt that has been in my head since I was 22 years old. oh...I digress....

Last night I demonstrated tatting at Global Fest. I managed to get this much curds and whey done while I was there. I came early enough to get a bite to eat and look around a little bit at the other displays. I found a poncho that I loved - circles of leather had been cut into quarters and then the quarters were crocheted together and then the circles crocheted together. It had a turtleneck and fringe in a gorgeous brown/taupe thread. She wanted $78 for it, which really was a steal but beyond my budget. It's easy to think "I could do that", but the reality is that I probably will not take the time to do it.

When I got to my place at the tables, Cathy had outdone herself setting up a beautiful display of our laces and my shuttle collection and her bobbin collection. One woman sat down long enough for me to show her how to finger tat. One young woman was from Romania and said her mother taught her "that" (meaning the tatting I was doing) when she was a child, but as we talked, she said that was different (the shuttle) and pointed to the tiny crochet hook attached to my dress front and said that was what she used and then went on to describe Romanian Point lace. LOL! So I took her over to the table and showed her my meager examples. She recognized it then and pointed to a tatted doily and said they made RPL like that all the time, meaning in the size of the doily. She said her mother had started a tablecloth when she was born but was only able to get it finished for her 21st birthday. It's nice to know that good intentions like that happens all over the world!

I've been tracing the template for this RPL bolero in the August 1990 issue of Anna for what seems forever. I finally got a paper copy done. I was going to do 2 of them, one for me and one for Bette, but I decided to give Bette the paper copy. The idea of making another paper copy and then transferring it to muslin was daunting, so I decided to transfer to the muslin directly. Oddly enough, it's going much faster. It's only half the pattern, - you flip it and transfer the other side for the muslin, and I've already got one half done and I'm well into the other half. It's for a 34 1/2" bust. I'll have a better idea if it will fit after it's all transfered and I seam the shoulders together.

(OH, here's a item for Day 3: I want to lose weight because I want to wear that fabulous RPL vest I'm going to be putting a lot of time and effort into!) LOL! I'm not concerned about the front - it's a bolero - but it does need to be comfortable across the back.

Today I'm off to paint my colleague's office. It's actually a multi-use room and I'm one of the users and I want it to look nice so I volunteered to paint it.

Tomorrow is free!!!!!


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