Saturday, June 06, 2009

I'm procrastinating.

How do I know that? Because I have absolutely no tatting to show and I have lots of stuff to wrap up before I go back to work on Monday yet here I am.

I've been going through old magazines. Some I got at the library used and some I've had and just didn't have time to read them. I found this wonderful idea in a 2005 Martha Stewart book. What a wonderful way to use some of your favorite buttons!

Here's how the earrings in my box look - all jumbled up. When I go to pick some out, I almost always have to dump the contents and match up the pair. I keep the hoop type in the top part of the box, a lidded chest actually, and the post ones in the bottom.

This is a chrome rack I bought at Goodwill once, thinking it would be great to display tatting on. It's not very big around though and I thought it might tip too easily so it languished for a long time in my stash of items to repurpose. Last winter I decided to put my wire earrings on it and also the hoops that closed completely. The ones in the box are "post" hoops. I like the way these are handy, always paired together and easy to see.

So I grabbed a bag of miscellaneous buttons that I had in a craft drawer and started matching up my post earrings with the buttons. I was just trying the idea out so I haven't done them all, but I think I like this idea. Even if they are in the box, they will be paired together. Some are too big for the buttons....the holes in buttons appear to be standardly spaced and I couldn't find a way to make them fit in the shank of post buttons either, so there will always be some loose.

I'll keep the wire ones on the chrome rack too. I don't think they would stay put hooked through a button very well unless the wire is long, like the French wires, or close with a latch. Even if they did that, I'd rather have them out like I do.

Okay...back to my magazines. And I really should organize my craft room. I have thread strung out all over the house! No wonder I don't know what I have anymore. Actually, my goal is to take all those printouts I put in sheet protectors last weekend in binders so I have to clear the magazines off the floor so I can sort the printouts into categories. Fun, huh?


  1. I assure you - you're not alone!!!!!!! I suffer too!!! I've started giving threads away. Why? So I can fill the space with more when I get over the pond!!!!!

  2. Oh that is a great idea...and who doesn't love buttons???

  3. You do it too - puttering...... And, I might add, with some good results! Good idea for the buttons! Fox : )

  4. So glad to know I'm not alone. I have "important" crafting stuff every where. I pretty much know what I have just not always right where it is. LOL

  5. When you're done organizing your crafts would you like to come to my place and do it for me? You've got some great ideas here. I might have to try the buttons, too.

  6. Sometimes organizing is so therapeutic. Sometimes...

    Whatever it is that you are procrastinating from you are using your time well, LOL! There are much worse things to be doing than organizing earrings! :)


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