Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Ethel got her basket so now I can show it! She sent me a lovely cybercard in response.

The April issue of Anna arrived today. There is a nice sample of Mouline' Sticktwist embroidery floss attached. I'll have to try it out on something. This issue has 7 tatted butterflies decorating Easter eggs, a tatted bunny suitable for a card, a tatted doily edging, and a tatted star doily. The course in this issue is free-style embroidery. Oddly enough, the preview for the May issue, which is traditionally the Tatting course issue, does not show any tatting. I wonder if they will feature tatting as a course this year? The March issue had a lot of Easter items in it so I was surprised to see even more in this issue.

I spent this evening at my son's house, doing my taxes with his computer program. I got a refund this year, while last year I just came out even on Federal and a refund on state. Nice little stash to spend on tatting!


  1. That basket is pretty, Gina! I tatted a basket about 15 years ago and stiffened it. I ended up giving it away and I didn't own a camera then so I never took a picture of it. I filled it up with tatted 3-D eggs that I designed, too!

  2. Anonymous12:34 PM

    Bellissimo! Potrei avere lo schema se possibile? Ti sarei enternamente grata!


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