Friday, March 12, 2004

The tusk is done. I'm working on an ear - don't think it's a good one though so I'll try a different one tonight. Redo the tail. I still haven't corrected the leg band either. I've been letting myself get sidetracked.............and it's time to get back in gear.

Tomorrow is my Lace Group meeting. We are bringing tools, so I'll bring some different shuttles, picot gauges, hairclips for thread balls, the retracting clip I hang my tatting hook from, my thread-winder (both of them) - and containers................good grief, we couldn't live without containers. They are tools too! From M&M containers, to Altoids tins, to little pouches. Beading needles and my spinning bead thingie, which I've yet to use effectively. Floss holders, post-its, paper clips, and safety pins.


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