Thursday, March 04, 2004

I restrung the hearts so they were going in the right direction but I definitely don't like the way they are laying so I'm going to retro-tat back to the 1st silver heart and try something else. I'm going to put the silver hearts in the center join of the clovers and see how that looks. I think they might lay there better. I'll only do a few and see how it looks. If that doesn't work, I'll just sew them on later or forget it.

The ear is going to be heart-shaped or maybe a teardrop, but it will have clovers in it since that is a dominant design feature. Six days left!

Not too long ago, I put this doily on the photo page of the yahoo group site in the "rescued lace" file.

I found it's almost exact duplicate on page 12 of Tatting in Lace by Mary Konior. The sidebar says it was made in China and purchased in Cape Town. I'm thinking that means they were mass produced by cheap labor.

I have some lavander hearts and butterflys that I want to get appliqued on a square so it can go out in Saturday's mail. My granddaughter's birthday was yesterday. Once we get past this week, I can slow down.

HA! Like that's really gonna happen. I forgot momentarily that I'm traveling the week after......and on the weekend at the end of the month. Okay, April will be slower.

When I was looking through tatting books last night I was reminded that I want to tat a hat band for my straw hat. I'm tempted to get a felt one just so I can tat a band for it too.

And so it goes................


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