Saturday, March 06, 2004

I bought some teensy baby hairclips for the size 80 thread and some mid-size clips for the medium balls of thread. I don't have any big clips for big balls, but I'm sure the med or even teensy ones will work. I got sidetracked this evening on another project so haven't tatted or untatted, as the case will be. I stopped at Walmart earlier and got groceries and misc. stuff, like batteries for the toothbrush and some printer ink and eyeliner and a hepa filter for the vacuum sweeper. I'm wide awake for some reason, so I'll probably do the untatting yet this evening. That will make me sleepy!

I was digging around in my craft storage in the basement this evening looking for something and found a Barbie doll pattern with scrubs - exactly what I need for a new display for the safety window. I'm wanting to dress the dolls in medical attire at some point. I'll have to see what else I have patterns of that I've forgotten!

I feel like I'm procrastinating.

When I got home this evening, I saw 2 trees were down in the driveway, one almost blocking the drive. I broke off the branches so I could drive through. I'll have to see if the boys can show up this weekend and take care of that.

Okay, I'm off to untat.


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