Sunday, March 28, 2004

Well, it seems the photo slideshow doesn't show up for everyone but I'm not sure why since it shows up on my computer. My operating system is xp so that may have something to do with it, but I really don't know. The photos can also be seen on the yahoo group site connected with this blog to generate a mailing list. If you're interested in joining, to receive updates of the blog automatically, use the link to the right or visit

I've also added a link to the new blog Celtic Tatting. I'm really pleased to see new blogs coming out. I just added a link for Wally's blog last week....and I'm really sorry to hear about her accident and loss. Word gets out fast and that's one of the things I love about the tatting community - the sense of family and the desire of so many to be of aid and comfort when someone is in need.

I started tatting a hat last night, from a new thread I bought yesterday - Venus Crochet Cotton, size 40. I don't know where it is out of, but I liked the colors and I like the way it is tatting up. I wasn't sure how it would handle when I was winding the shuttle, because it had a tendency to kink and knot up, but once wound, it behaved beautifully. The pattern is from the Tatsy book Tatting. I broke down and bought that book too. ((grin)) I never thought there was enough in there that I wanted to make or didn't already have a pattern for, but someone on the MSN group had to go and tat a hat and then a basket from the book and .......well, there you go........I had to have it! I thought the hats might make some nice Easter bonnet favors for...........somebody............doesn't matter who - I'll find someone to give them to.

I spent a few hours outside this afternoon, raking the small hill in front of my house, where the peonies and lily-of-the-valley grow. I made myself stop before I got sore and blistered, but I'm anxious to get more done as soon as possible. I've run my errands and have just a few more chores to do and a load of laundry.......and then I'm back to tatting.

It's been fun reflecting on yesterday. I'm so looking forward to Palmettos in June. I wish they would hurry up and put the details on their website!


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