Saturday, March 27, 2004

Today was so much fun!

It started out foggy but the fog had lifted enough by the time my sister got to my house that it wasn't a problem driving to Mooresville. We got there a little after 9:00 a.m. and I immediately started perusing the vendor tables.

Mary Harris hollared from across the room...."Hi Gina!" Then she turned around and I could see the newly tatted peacock on her back. She had other animals from Tatted Animals on the front of her shirt.

I made my rounds, buying mostly thread, a bunny pattern to use for a handkerchief, a few books, and more thread.

Then Gail Owens arrived. Big hugs!!! Such a pleasure to see Gail again. We chattered away the rest of the day. Oh.....just before that, Georgia Seitz arrived and was setting up her table. Lotsa talk there! We'll soon be meeting with Georgia's group, it sounds like. I wish we'd had more time to just sit around and chat, but there were so many people to talk to and things to compare.

The afternoon presentation was by Jeanne McLeish of Color Works, Custom Picture Framing & Gallery. I got some great info about framing archival quality lace - and you know, all of our lace is heirloom quality stuff.

During the presentation, Rozella Linden arrived with Cincy Wilma in tow. I could hardly wait for the end to go give her a hug!

Rozella signed copies of her Celtic Tatting book, plus she had plenty of samples of the tatting to show. Darn - just realized I didn't photograph any of that exsquisite work.

Don't know how many you wil recognize in the slide show over to the right, but there's me & Gail, me & Georgia & Mary, Kaye & Wilma, Rozella, and various other people................

I hope the slide show doesn't make the site too slow in loading.................if so, I'll probably take it off in a few weeks. In the meantime, pull up a chair and imagine you are there with us!


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