Saturday, November 06, 2004

Another tatter in town!

I went to a little craft bazaar this morning, only because my niece had a booth in there. Turns out there was a tatter right next to her. And not anyone I know. or knew.

We talked for quite a bit and I was so excited to have someone to SHOW things to and how to do NEW stuff! She had tons of bookmarks for sale and heart motifs, etc. She had a copy of A Gathering of Angels and asked me about the SCMR on one of the angels so I showed her how to do that. I just realized how much fun it was to show someone who is so enthused about learning.

Then I went to Cellular Express, at the advice of my sister, and got a different phone, one that works and at a lower rate, but with all the perks of the old one. That was doubly exciting, believe it or not. I've had so much aggravation with my cell phone that I was ready to throw it out the window on a very fast moving freeway with lots of semis to crush it to death.
Too Funny

I finished up my exchange for Abby - I just need to figure out how I'm going to get it sent out. Tomorrow I leave for Ft. Wayne for some training Monday and Tuesday. Perhaps the hotel will direct me to someplace to mail it from.

I've been trying to tat a bison for a friend.

It's been a struggle. It's in German and while I do have some terms translated into English and have picked up others from some translation sites, there are still unclear terms and abbreviations. And the diagram isn't all that great either. I kind of trace it out with my finger while reading the numbers on the instructions and try to guess if it sounds like a logical number for the length of the direction I'm going. sigh........ I think the horns look like ears but I've done it over 3 times and I'm NOT doing it again. Instead, I believe I'll add some white or light tan horns later, made similarly to the elephant's tusks. I'll be framing it so I can sew them on.

Speaking of German text, I have that Lacis publication Tatted Lace Patterns of Emmy Liebert that I just love but can't read. There is an English translation of German terms in the front - and I just found one word on my bison instructions that I missed before: anschl=adding. Now one problem with the text in this book is the font. It's the old form which is incredibly difficult to make out, let alone translate. It's such a nice book and if they were going to the trouble to reprint it, why didn't they also translate it?

I still haven't gotten a modem for my laptop so I'm not likely to be in touch for the next few days. That just makes it more fun when I come back and discover what everyone is up to.

Bye Bye


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