Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Mental Health Day

Stayed home and took a mental health day - which means I was not physically ill, but my mind was fatigued and needed a break.

So...I spent most of the day doing things that made me feel good.

The latest Anna issue arrived today!

There was also a star doily, with 3 fabric diamonds and 3 tatted diamonds.

Last night I was sewing a fabric doll that I decided to make from the 1978 issue of Stitch 'n' Sew. I once made a doll with a bread dough head and fabric body, painted the head and glued on hair. I gave it to my mother who was a doll lover and I have it back now. The face is cracked a little because all the moisture did not bake out of the dough.

I got the idea for her from a Decorating and Crafts magazine back in the 70's. The dress pattern came from that magazine too. I'm almost in awe looking at the tiny bead "buttons", the miniature cuffs, and the pleated bodice. When did I have time to do stuff like that? If I'd known how to tat back then, you can bet she would've had some different lace on that dress! Anyway.....I want to make another without a cracked face. Maybe this time I'll use that sculpy stuff....but there's something nostalgic about using bread-dough.

The doll I'm working on now has bust darts so she looks more filled out up there. I haven't made the clothes yet. I used rayon floss for the hair which made it silky with a sheen. It's a pretty basic fingers, pointy toes which will be covered by shoes. The magazine had her in a bridal gown but I'm going to put something else on her. What I did like was the bloomer/corset garment and I'll use that under whatever dress I make for her.

Found out DSL is now available so it will be installed next week. That means I can get phone calls while I'm online and that things will load much faster.

I also worked on another sewing project today but that one will have to wait. I'm going to go work on it some more for now.
Sewing Needle And Thread


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