Monday, November 01, 2004


I just got the June 1978 issue of Stitch n Sew on ebay! From a seller in Bloomington, IN! I emailed and asked if she happened to have the July & Sept. issues too.

I also just found another source for this magazine, but it's more than I'm willing to pay. The only issue from this series is the one I just got off ebay anyway, but I'll keep an eye open here.

I got the magazine Saturday and finally had a chance to look through it this morning. The pages I was wanting were missing! The seller didn't realize it and is willing to work with me. But from this issue, I learned it actually started in May, with 2 patterns and the quilt instructions then, and this issue has 2 patterns. Or did have at one time.

Today, after catching up on some household chores and working up a nice sweat, I decided to work on the TAT project. I had started the first project Friday evening and misunderstood the part about front-side tatting. I knew as soon as I was done that I had done more than I was supposed to. So I used that as a practice piece and then today, I made another one, this one as it's supposed to be. Then I did the second project, but I think I'll do that one over again too. Part of the 1st project is to drop the shuttle through the ring before closing in a certain segment. I did that. Then in another part of the project, you show samples of the ring done each way and explain the theory. LOL! I had to make up a second sample and label them right away because I can't tell the difference or couldn't at first. I do see the threads hang down straighter, but that also creates a bit of a gap that I don't have otherwise so I'm still not getting what the supposed advantage is. My rings lay flat anyway. Fortunately, I don't have to do that for my own work. Nor is it emphasized in the project - it's simply another method to be aware of.

Missed the online class tonight as I needed to take my son to the grocery and then to work. Met my daughter in Walmart. LOL! This is a strange sort of event that keeps repeating. No matter what day or time of day, we seem to meet in Walmart, sometimes nearly colliding carts.

Speaking of collicions, staff were pulling dollies full of new items to stock on the aisles on either side of me as I looked at some cordless phones on display. All of a sudden my cart was rammed into my ribs and the little gal toting the dollie says "sorry" as she blissfully trots on by. The overhang on her load had caught my cart and pushed it into me.

Whoops....past my bedtime.

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