Thursday, October 28, 2004

There I was, wondering why we hadn't seen more use of the false plait technique, and it seems Jane Eborall has been putting it to good use already. Jane's recent bracelet pattern and an older bug pattern both have excellent graphics and instructions. I believe these are from the 4 shuttle technique, which is what I used for the butterfly necklace.

Yeah, I know, 2 shuttles are a challenge for some, let alone 4, but it's worth the effort.

Remember the hanky bonnet I made in February? My coworker brought in a pic of the recipient yesterday.

Here's an adorable pic of my sister's grandchildren in their Halloween costumes.
Carter received the baby book with tatted critters. Laina got a little hobby horse for her baby book. That was still in my early tatting days. LOL!

I received the notebook for the Tatters Across Time Proficiency Program last night. Looks like I'll have to get some size 10 tatting thread for some of the projects. I commented to a friend at lunch yesterday that the big thread I used when I first started tatting seems klutzy to me now. LOL! So it may be a challenge to try to tat with it again. I think it will be much easier on the evaluator's eyes though.

One thing I'm not seeing is the purpose of each segment. I can sort of guess but I'd like to see something stated, so that I can understand the groundwork being laid and what will be built from it. I already see one thing that I've never done and does not seem logical to me. I've never dropped my shuttle inside the ring before closing. I would think it would twist it - but I guess I'll find out what happens and if it really is advantageous as explained.

I cut out my boo-boo critter a few days ago but still haven't had time to do more with it. Tonight I'm scrapbooking with my sister again - first time in months. I started sorting kids pics out last night but I'm not anywhere near to starting their books.

The latest Piecework goes on sale in a few days and features some lovely tatted snowflakes! If you explore the Interweave Press website and the different magazines they publish, you will also find links to various projects and articles online. I just increased my "wanna do's" by about 200%.


  1. hey.. awesome work... I am jus a beginner in tatting.. wud love to learn the tips and tricks in this art and try new designs...

    All the best for your tatting work..Keep up the good work.

  2. Looking on line for hanky edging I came across the pic of the hanky bonnet! How cute! Do you have instructions for this somewheres. I would love to do this with matching booties! Thanks~


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