Sunday, October 24, 2004

A Day for an Adventure!

Here's the tatted picot star we did in tatting guild on Saturday. It's a result of what was learned from Gary & Randy Houtz during the retreat last month. I've been noticing a trend this past year in doing more complicated techniques with the shuttles - moving them from front to back, dropping one shuttle and picking up another to do the job of the first, etc. It really does require your full attention.

Afterwards I paid a visit to the J.R. Emporium and rescued a few linens.

The top piece is a collar or jabot. I believe it was purchased and the tatting added later. The runner is hand-embroidered with an additional line of yellow cross-stitches at each end and then the tatting is a little strange. Each end is a double row of rings followed by a row of rings and chains, but on the long sides, the edging is clovers separated by single rings. My first thought when I saw it was that they didn't finish the sides as I noticed they were shorter in width than the ends, but when I looked closer, I saw they were two different patterns. I passed up one runner or centerpiece that had a gaudy green tatted edging to go with the satin-stitched shamrock on it.

I also bought a crocheted bag which is quite old. It's soaking right now - hopefully the soaking will remove the brown and yellow cast on it.

I then picked up a few old issues of Stitch and Sew. Only one has some of Myrtle Hamilton's tatting. I just realized one issue I got has part 3 of a quilt series called "Umbrella Bouquets". I love this! I may have to go back and try to hunt down the 2 previous and 1 subsequent issue to get all the blocks. Oh my.....IDEA FLASH! Wouldn't it be pretty to have a block with a fabric umbrella filled with tatted flowers???? And using fancy elegant fabrics with crazy quilt embroidery and silk ribbon embroidery....oh my.....

So, if anyone happens to have the June, July, and September 1978 issues of Stitch 'n Sew, I'd be mighty interested!

Today I spent 2 hours driving each way to track down this phenomena! It was quite the adventure. Once I found the State Park office, it was closed, but I did find a map. Then while following the directions, I found the road with a little stream running through it, but it was shallow and I drove through. I was going down narrow gravel back-country roads and more than once thought it was a lost cause. I did find it however, along with 2 couples I met on their way back and the 5 who were already there. I figured I'd be the only person there - who else would be crazy enough to try to track this down? I have another pic taken with 2 fellows standing by it to show how tall the tree is compared to the men. The tree is 4 or 5 times their height. It was a beautiful day for an adventure!


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