Friday, October 22, 2004

I Almost Forgot!

I bought these neon hairpins last weekend at the Beauty Supply Store when I got some hair highlighter, thinking they would be great with some tatted florals with gold or silver or some other bright metallic blending filament. Oooooh.....maybe even some of Pat Steven's Fantasy Flower trailers. Not that I have any place glitzy to go to on the holidays, but you never know. LOL!

I'm frequently amazed when I get around to cleaning out my tatting supplies to see what I've stashed away and forgotten about. Kinda like having eyes bigger than appetite. I really don't know how one lifetime would ever be enough to do all the ideas that race through one's mind.

Tomorrow is Tatting Guild in Greenfield. I wasn't going to go, but it looks like rain and I really don't plan to traipse around in wet woods. Maybe I'll shop a little and then hit the woods in Brown County on Sunday when it's supposed to be nice. The instructions on what supplies to bring were vague as far as project.....really can't miss out on that, can I?

At Camp Wannatat, I saw some filet tatting done by Camilla (?) that looks the way I would expect filet tatting to look. That's another hazy area in tatting I would like to explore at some time.

That reminds me - there is one more filet crochet mat I want to get done this year. I started the year out with the filet crochet snowman and there is one with "Cookies for Santa" in the mat that I would like to get done before Christmas gets here.

LOL! Well...thinking about it realistically - it may have to be my beginning project after the holidays. There's no way I can get it done with everything else I have in mind already.

Didja ever wonder if you really did have 2 sets of hand if you could effectively do twice as much?

Well, gotta finish laundry and pack for the overnighter.


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