Monday, October 04, 2004


I've been surfing today, looking for a particular style of fabric bag. Haven't found it yet, but I've sure been finding enough treasures along the way to make up for it!

In spite of her evil deeds, I still like Martha Stewart's style and the way she has upgraded crafting in the home. Even so, I found this concept hilarious!
Martha Stewart Gothic:
Too Funny
Somewhere in my many shelves and boxes of printouts, articles, and magazines, I have the directions to knit a summer halter top from fabric strips. Then you sew a matching skirt. That always appealed to me but I still haven't done it. Now I've got something else to add to the ensemble. A knitted bag from fabric strips! Kits are
here at Nordic Needle, but I don't think I need a kit to figure this one out.

You might remember that I'm partial to Redheel Work Sock Monkeys. I found a site that sells
fabric based on this theme for quilts. LOL!

I have a lot of cloth embroidered napkins that I've been wanting to find a way to use and still preserve the needlework. I think these
aromatic dream pillows might be the thing. I can add a tatted edging to add that little special touch to them. I won't be using the glue-on velcro fastening however. hmmm.....might have to do search on origami envelopes.

Last night as I saved more pics from my online photo album to my hard drive, I came across the little crocheted sachet pillows I made one year and gave as Christmas presents. I've been meaning to make some for myself.

BTW, at Tatting Day in Greenfield, one inventive member brought some purses made out of bras. It's the 8th item down on
on this page. You know, those satiny bright colored hard stiff foam bras? LOL!

I was trying to find the Boogie Bra too - seems the
website is down.

I ended up bidding on the book that has the bag I want on ebay. If I win, it's only going to be about half the book club sale price.


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