Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Homework done. And I emptied 3 shuttles!

It's hard to believe that it's almost November. It's almost too late to start anything for Christmas that is very involved....like the chess set. I'll be gone a week in November in Las Vegas, at a seminar....well, end of November beginning of December. And I'm traveling to another 2 day seminar in Ft. Wayne in a few weeks. No, I'm not going to stress myself out making something. It's harder to make it fun at this point. LOL!

I have 2 projects in the works anyway. And I'm getting the craving to knit or crochet something ...... and sew. For some reason I've really been wanting to do some sewing. Now that's going to be a major motivator. My sewing machine is right behind me but the table it's on is covered by...fabrics and notions and some tatting odds and ends. I have to sort through all that before I can sew. I have a stack of slacks that need hemming waiting on me too.

I think I'll be gone this weekend, so that's out. aaaarrrrgggghhh!

I just remembered a 3rd project too. I have a teneriffe motif to finish and then I wanted to try tatting an edging around it - maybe one of the false plaits. I want to play around with those more. Well, I can take those with me if I plan well enough and don't just try to grab something on my way out the door.

I bought a couple of wire baskets at the dollar store tonight. They're on suction cups. Says for toothpaste and toothbrushes but like the typical tatter, I'm wondering what kind of tatting stuff I can put in them? Here's my initial idea - balls of thread. The baskets rotate on the suction cup and easily give up their booty.

Looking at these more, this would be kind of handy as a portable project holder. With a baggie or a cloth bag to fit it so things don't slip through, it could hold thread shuttles, a vial of beads - and you could hang a chateleine in the side loops. I could suction it on the file cabinet by my desk at work or on the end table by my chair in the living room. For a working project anyway. I tend to carry stuff in little plastic containers, but once it's out, I like it to be handy.

I was seriously considering the workshop in Ohio but the deadline was October 15 for registration. I'm sure they'll take more if there is room, but I've already got a lot going on in November so I better pass it up this time. I dunno.....I'll read it over one more time before I decide for certain. I'd definitely have to skip the Friday night event though. I'll already be gone earlier in the week and won't be able to take Friday off.

Well, I'd like to get a little tatting in tonight. I got a haircut and highlighted my hair so the evening was pretty much gone by the time all that was done.


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