Monday, October 11, 2004

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Besides the church sign generator, we have the candy heart maker, the labelmaker, the licenseplate maker, and… the tombstone generator.

I send myself links all the time and then don't get around to posting them. I think I've used most of these, but I hadn't added the links for the Meri Wanderer blog or the Patchwork Butterfly blog. I might have mentioned them within a post but didn't add the links. I often wait until I hear back from the writers too. I think both of these ladies commented on how busy they were and that tatting wasn't featured too much....but still, I'm grabbing them where I can.

I'm getting ready to make the false plait for a project. I have one pair of shuttles strung with beads and wound and I'm getting ready to do the second pair. Hopefully before the night is over.

My coworker who went to Texas to be with her daughter while she had her baby and now gall-bladder surgery, called me tonight. I'm picking her up from the airport on the 30th when she returns. Everyone likes the picture of the christening gown with the lace celtic cross. I picked up a pattern at Hobby Lobby on Friday when I saw their McCall's patterns were only 99 cents. I know I already have some christening gown patterns but another won't hurt, for sure! I'm also hearing about sources for heirloom fabric. The christening isn't until April so we've got lots of time.
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