Monday, October 18, 2004

Missed Class!

Well pooh! The latest Microsoft update has such stringent security that I missed the online tatting class tonight. I had trouble with my email at the weekend and restored my pc to pre-update. Then I let it update again this morning. Email loaded okay but when I tried to get into the class site, it blocked the applet, saying there was a problem, but wouldn't tell me how to fix it. I tried several things, including restoring the system again, but I went to the wrong date and it still had the updates. I think I'll give it a rest and try it again tomorrow.

I had all the homework done except the snowflake and I'm nearly there now with that. I'm going to run out of thread though so I'll set it aside until I can reload the shuttles.

Here's the first part, a bookmark with split rings and block tatting. A apiral made with tied ds join - that was new to me. I've also done a heart with split rings and block tatting, but it's blocking/drying, plus the snowflake. I don't know if I've ever done the homework in these classes.

I missed my treadmill walking because I was going to I missed out on 2 things.

Oh well. I sent my necklace to my exchange partner today...and got an email from her that she had sent mine today too! Can't wait.

Found a cool site to make cards today. It's through Hewlitt Packard and I believe they have some other sites to make newsletters, postcards, albums and brochure. I used a graphic I had made on another site, titled it "Tatter's Heaven" because those are the words I used in the graphic generator, and used that as a photo in the card. Way cool!


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