Monday, November 01, 2004

Boo-Boo Pooh

My Boo-Boo Exchange partner Abby sent me Pooh bear all decked out in tatting! Abby says the edging around the neck is one of her favorites. The celtic rose on one foot is from Ruth (aka Rozella Linden) Perry's celtic patterns. The turtle (nicely beaded and bug-eyed) is from Handy Hands online free pattern. There is a snowflake on top and a heart on the side of the head. There is a "part of a bookmark" on the other side and Woo's rose on the back of the head. The (brown) bluebird of happiness with a teensy heart in it's beak is on Pooh's backside. And of course, the little flutter on his nose! My oh my! I better get busy if I'm going to get Abby's sent out by next Monday! I love this little fella - thank you Abby!

Here's the vintage crocheted bag I got at the antique store in Greenfield over a week ago. I soaked it in Oxyclean and got most of the yellowing out. I see one stray thread there and started to pull on it - only to find it is the crocheted edging, so I'll have to crochet it back in and tie it off. The bobbles at the bottom are what I saw at Camp Wannatat, only the tatted version, and while I got a basic idea of how to go about it, I still haven't done it yet.

Once again, it's past my bedtime.



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