Friday, November 05, 2004

Wired Buttons! I wasn't as impressed with these after I saw them because their use is limited - mostly to denim and leather fabrics that won't be inclined to snag. For those however, it would be a unique fastener or decor.

Tulle Treasures This is similar to a gift bag I bought in Ireland which gave me the idea to make my own using tatted motifs in the blocks. I was going to use it in some exchange way back then and had a problem getting the sewing part down right. These instructions would have been helpful then. I still have the partly finished bag. It would have been stunning....but I already cut open one of the blocks to retrieve a motif for something else. I might be able to salvage it by some fancy embroidery but I haven't been motivated to try that so far.

Sheer Appliques. Now here is spin-off idea from the above. Just applique sheer shapes onto a blouse or t-shirt and tuck a tatted motif inside before finishing off the last stitching of the sheer fabric patch. This could be quite elegant....consider a tatted rose or floral motif, maybe Ruth's celtic on white or white on black....the dragonflies and butterflies are good motifs too, as plain or fancy as you like. In fact, depending on the sheerness of the fabric, you could put little curtains at the sides like you're looking in a window. Oh, tatted hearts would be nice too, with a delicate tatted edging on the outside of the sheer patch. Maybe the dimpled ring heart edging? Similar to this one I just found on Tat-man's site when I did a google for it. LOL! Hey, that's nice Mark - I hadn't seen this one before.

Making Medieval Clothes and Items which includes a bobbinlace pillow. This is part of a costume ring. I might have to check out some of the other links. Some nice info for those who do re-enactments.

I just won a Singer sewing machine on ebay. Yay! It's like one I used to have, but brand new, still in the box, at way less and probably not any more than it will costs to have the one I'm using now looked at and tuned up and whatever. (smile) Today has been a good day. Got a lot done, though there is always more to do. Found out about a fix for my cell phone which has been a pain for like forever and ever. Good news from a friend. So now I'm trying to get my exchange thing done for Abby. Sewing on tatting takes longer than the tatting sometimes. LOL!


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