Friday, November 26, 2004

Last Minute!

We had a nice gathering today. Got overstuffed and am just now feeling normal.

I've been driving myself crazy hunting for a clover cutter that someone sent me in an exchange once. It's great for the plane, though I've yet to use it. I still can't find it and I'm out of time now.

I've packed and repacked. Kept it down to 2 pieces of luggage and a light carry-on and a laptop. I'm just now thinking of sticking a priority mail box (still flat) in my suitcase in case I have to send something home to make room for purchases.

While I was hunting for the clover cutter, I found a necklace I bought at a garage sale ages and ages ago. It has several rhinestones missing but what just occured to me was how much it resembles tatting.

Well, I'm off in the morning. will check in from time to time. I suppose everyone will be out shopping tomorrow - could be tatting, you know.


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