Friday, April 28, 2006

Carol Amich's 3D Tatting

Knowing I'm not going to get a lot of tatting done for a few weeks, I thought it might be fun to interview a few tatters and feature their work instead of my own! My first victim...err...featured tatter is Carol Amich from Frankfort, Indiana who tats these lovely 3D critters in what is called "solid" tatting.

Me: What got you started on this type of 3D tatting to begin with?
Carol: On some site a few years ago, someone mentioned 3D tatting, and that you could possibly get the book by Angeline Crichlow from her daughter. (Angeline had passed away) I wrote to her and got it. It was a home-made type book, with ribbon binding. Many photos in the book were actual photos cut out and pasted on.

Me: Oh wow! An original. That has got to be a treasure! Is it about the technique only or does it have projects in it too?
Carol: It has the technique and a few "patterns". I remember the angel (though hers was bald!), Santa, pig, ball, and soldier.

Me: What inspired you to do the 3D Santa & Reindeer?
Carol: I love Christmas things, and had to have a 3d Santa. I had made one a few years ago, but it was one of the first things I did, so I thought I could do better. And, Santa must have a reindeer, so I made him a little pal..

Me: How long? How many versions?
Carol: It probably takes me 2-3 hours to do something fairly simple like the lizard. Because you are pretty much creating a tatted fabric. I think the elf I did took 3 weeks. The ones that are bigger, with color changes and embellishments, take longer. Trying to decide on the colors and add-ons is probably the hardest part. Each 3D creature is pretty much unique, because there is no set pattern, there is a technique, but no pattern. Each one is created as you go, almost like sculpting. I have even called this Sculptatting.

Me: Thread type and size?
Carol: I amost always use DMC 8. I like it because it doesn't twist or knot up, and it is the easiest for me to find.
Me: Plans for the future?

Carol: Oh, I am always planning something. I need to make a 3D version of my pet parakeet, maybe something mythological next. I also love Halloween, so I will need to make something like a spider or who knows? I am alway up for suggestions, too. Then, there is regular tatting. I always make orginal patterns for my exchanges, so I need to work on those too. Maybe make some other types of dinosaurs to go with my T-Rex. I have a little steno pad in which I write down ideas. I sort of draw it out, and then try to figure out how to tat it. This has always worked out for me.


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